Dwyane Wade, Not LeBron James, Emerging As Miami Heat Leader

30 Oct

It’s hard to imagine two-time Most Valuable Player LeBron James — once the center of the basketball universe — being anyone’s sidekick or set-up man.

It just might be happening here.

This is still Dwyane Wade’s town. This is still his team.

Wade, who coaxed both James and Chris Bosh to Miami as free agents this summer, has wasted no time asserting himself as the dominant player on what is expected to be the league’s most dominant team.

After missing all but three minutes of the exhibition schedule with a hamstring injury, Wade (shown above in pregame introductions of Friday’s contest) has used the first week of the regular season to step confidently into his role as The leader — not A leader — of the Miami Heat.

Three games into the season, it’s starting to look clear.

After a rocky start in his first game back against Boston, Wade looked like he never left, getting a game-high 30 points, seven rebounds and three steals in Wednesday night’s trouncing of Philadelphia.
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