Super Friends Part 2??? I Think So

31 Oct

by Karim Dixon

Ever since the infamous anouncement of a certain someone’s decision to head to Miami, attention has slowly been shifting towards future free agents, and by future free agents I mean Carmelo and Chris Paul. If you’ve been living under a rock, Chris Paul anounced during a toast at Anthony’s wedding that there would soon be another Big 3 in NY. Despite what Paul and Anthony have said since the incident, I belive it’s still going down and here’s why…

Actions speak louder than words, and one thing that hasn’t happened yet is Melo signing that extension. It’s no secret that he wants out;  he’s even gone as far to say that it’s time for a change. His wife is there, he was born there, and he went to school there. It makes too much sense. Also of importance is that there is a growing sentiment that he doesn’t seem to care if he’s traded or not and the Knicks will have the money to sign him outright. It’s inevitable.

That takes me to the big question mark: Chris Paul. If you had the choice of passing to Ariza and David West… or Amare and Carmelo, what would you choose? This is a no brainer to me for numerous reasons. Let’s not forget that it was Paul who made the big 3 statement at Carmelo’s wedding. The West playoff race is tight, and they may not even make it, and if they do sooner or later they’ll run into a beat down from the Lakers. I think Paul is keeping quiet because he understands he has two years left on his current deal and it’s the smart thing to do, but you better believe that once he gets his shot to bolt he’s taking it.

There are many of other factors driving this situation as well. A lot of people will blame this on what the Heat did this summer, but I have to go back a little further. There has been a massive amount of movement in this league ever since Pau Gasol went to the Lakers (for what was then considerd peanuts). The Lakers have been the best team in the league (2 rings, 3 finals appearances) since that deal, and teams having been trying to catch up ever since. Boston also stock piled talent in the same manner, while stomping on the dreams of Wade, Bosh and James in the process. This is what fueled the birth of the current Miami roster, and this is why another monster will be created in Ny. These players are smart enough to know that talent wins – and playing against a team with 4 and 5 future hall of famers is equivalent to getting jumped on the play ground.

Another recurring theme with these three players is how under apreciated they may be. When you think about the face of the league you think James, Wade, Bryant and Howard. Melo and Amare have always been considerd in a tier slightly below that group. Playing in NY definitely gives them the biggest spotlight they’ve ever had. As far as Paul goes, injuries and team failures in the regular season and playoffs have had people questioning weather he’s the best point guard in the league, a season in D’Antoni’s offense passing to Melo and Stoudamire should quiet doubters very quickly. Above all else this is about winning and this group would give Miami a run for their money.

One last tid bit to throw into the equation. Keep an eye on CBA negoatiations this summer. Owners want to push back how much players get payed. That may not necessarily mean the sallary cap is coming down. If that is true the Knicks may be able to retain most of their young players and still be able to afford Paul and Anthony at a lower price. That would make the team even more appealing to each player.


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