Yahoo! Sports 2010-11 NBA Preview

3 Nov

By Darius Barnes

Earlier this season, we took a look at the Lakers’ chances of making it back to the NBA finals for the fourth year in a row. You can make your own reasons on why they will or will not make it back to the Finals, but in my opinion they will!

Moving on though, if you have an opinion on any team and how their season will play out, then you should put your predictions up against the Yahoo Sports Magazine. The 144 page magazine – Yahoo Sports 2010-11 NBA Preview provides in-depth analysis of every NBA team, with a predicted order of finish by division. There are many magazines out there that share insight on NBA teams and predictions on what will happen this NBA season, but I think Yahoo Sports Mag provides the best and most creditable information.

Last month the guys and I provided our prediction of teams to make it to the conference finals and the Championship. We are no experts, but we each put up good cases. Now we can match our predictions with the real experts (or at least the guys who get paid for their opinions and predictions). This magazine features many knowledgeable writers who know what they are talking about. The magazine features writers from Ball Don’t Lie, which we here at RJP follow closely and respect, so I will definitely be picking up a copy to see just what they think about this season and each teams chances of rising or falling this year. Get your copy today!


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