Heat Still a Work in Progress

5 Nov

by Chris McCoy

The Heat aren’t going to win every game… we know that, but on nights that they lose, their glaring weaknesses become apparent.

1. Right now if they don’t shoot well from behind the arc, they’re putting themselves in a position to lose.  In three out of their four wins, Miami has shot over 50% from behind the arc; in their two loses: 40% (8-20) @Boston and 23.8% (5-21) including (0-7) from Eddie House @New Orleans.  Mike Miller will help solve this problem, though.

2. Their PG play is SUSPECT.  Arroyo isn’t getting it done, through the first five games he’s averaging 6.6 pts, 3.8 reb, 2.6 ast and 1.2 turnovers.  We already told you Pat Riley is looking for another PG… Get a deal done Riley… either that or LeBron needs to average 12 ast/game.

3. Their C play is SUSPECT. Joel Who? I’m sorry, but when Okafur has a stat line like this: in the first game of the season, but balls out like this: against the Heat, its time to do something about that void. Even Eddie Curry would be a better option than what they have now.

4. The Heat are the Big 3 and a bunch of guys that stand around. Its time for Bosh to figure out how to be effective in this offense, he’s only averaging 14.4 pts and 5 reb through 5 games: NEWS FLASH, they’re not paying you all that money for Eddie Curry stats #justsaying.

They’ll get it together; this isn’t a championship team right now, but hey, we’re only 5 games in, Wade had no preseason, and their fourth best player is still out for another 2 months. To all my Heat Haters, hate while you can because you won’t have long.


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