Who is Starting Slow in the NBA?

6 Nov

For all the players that start the season exceeding expectations, there seem to be even more that are disappointing NBA fans across the continent.  Maybe it’s the pressure of living up to that big fat new contract they signed, or maybe we have just set our expectations of them too high, but for whatever the reason, some players have gotten off to a really bad start.

Apparently these guys missed the memo, the season has started, the games count now.

1. Miami HEAT – Chris Bosh – 13.0 points, 6.4 rebounds per game.

Chris Bosh signed a six-year, $110 million deal with the HEAT this summer and joined the most hyped professional team in recent memory.  But while Miami has been enjoying team success behind the efforts of the new big three, Bosh’s performances have been underwhelming.

“I haven’t shot the ball as well as I usually do,” said Bosh after practice in an attempt to explain the drop in his personal statistics. “I still have to find out when to be aggressive and when to be passive, and on defense, try to be active and get rebounds at the same time.”

After five games, Bosh is shooting the ball at a career low 42.6 percent, scoring seven fewer points per game, and collecting three fewer rebounds than his career average.  That’s not what was expected when the HEAT acquired this perennial 22 point 10 rebound power forward.

2. Milwaukee Bucks – John Salmons – 8.0 points per game

For scoring 19.9 points per game with the Bucks last season after being acquired from Chicago mid-season, John Salmons was rewarded with a five-year $39 million contract.  Unfortunately he has only scored in double digits once this season and that was in the Bucks only win.

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