Manny Pacquiao Dominates Antonio Margarito

13 Nov

The best boxer in the world has won once again, as Manny Pacquiao put on a brilliant fighting display, defeating Antonio Margarito in dominant fashion on Saturday night in Dallas.

At the outset, it was impossible not to notice the significant size difference between the two: At 5-foot-11 Margarito is five inches taller than Pacquiao, and HBO said Margarito weighed 17 pounds more than Pacquiao when both stepped on the scale on Saturday night.

But once the action started, it was impossible not to notice the significant advantage in hand speed of Pacquiao: His punches were a blur, and Margarito was simply powerless to react.

By the end of the fifth round, Margarito’s right eye was almost swollen shut. By the end of the 10th, both of Margarito’s eyes were a mess. Pacquiao buzzed around the ring with ease and peppered Margarito’s face with punches whenever he wanted to hurt his outclassed opponent.

It would have been completely reasonable for Margarito’s corner or the referee to stop the fight early, but Margarito insisted he wanted to keep going, and he was allowed to take a beating for 12 rounds. By the end, Pacquiao looked like he may have been taking some sympathy on Margarito and easing up, rather than following through and potentially seriously hurting Margarito.
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