NFL’s ‘worst player,’ Aaron Maybin, releases awful rap song

13 Nov

In the 1990s, “Miami Vice” star Philip Michael Thomas coined the term EGOT when referring to his goal of winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award during his career in show business. It looks like Buffalo Bills linebacker Aaron Maybin is going for a sort of reverse EGOT. Already dubbed the worst player in the NFL, Maybin is now attempting to become the worst rapper alive as well. Bad at ball and hip-hop? Let’s call it the BAHH.

The Bills’ first-round pick in 2009 hasn’t played much this season and the only potential he’s shown is in being a historic draft bust. But that didn’t stop him from releasing on his website a rap song in which he boasts about his on- and off-field prowess. You can listen to the track, “Mayhem Maybin,” at the linebacker’s official website. Read the lyrics here. Below, we breakdown some of his rhymes:

Mayhem Maybin. Quarterback cravin/go hard, crazy/

defensive Wes Craven/the o-line can’t save him.

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Listen to the Track on Aaron Maybin’s website


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