Carmelo to the Chi? LeBron’s camp regretting Miami?

22 Nov

Anthony in Red and Black before the deadline???

Will this be the last time this season the Bulls are on the same basketball floor with Carmelo Anthony?

The Bulls close their season series with Denver Friday, and while the Bulls are not the consensus choice, Anthony being traded to the Bulls may become a bit more of a possibility.

First, the Nuggets are trying to persuade Anthony to resign with them with the departure of management advisor Bret Bearup, who had been leading the internal “trade Anthony” charge. Though given Anthony’s attitude and comments, few believe Denver will succeed.

So then we find out if Anthony is worth having. Because if Anthony holds out for deals to either the Knicks or Nets to get into the New York market, then we know that for all his talk, he isn’t about winning.

This isn’t a case I’m making for the Bulls as the only option. But some advisors to Anthony are beginning to suggest that he not make the same apparent mistake as LeBron James and get himself—if he wants to leave—to a team with a strong surrounding cast.

No Haslem... No Wade... No Miller? This isn't what I signed up for

With Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer, all potential All-Stars, it would seem to be the Bulls more than any team. Some around James are wondering now if he made a mistake by going to Miami with so little around him, especially no front court size as the Heat has been getting dominated on the boards, like 47-32 in their Saturday loss to Memphis, and with Dwyane Wade soon to be 29 and perhaps feeling the effects of so many falls and previous injuries and fragile pieces, like the already injured Mike Miller.

If James had gone to the Bulls with Boozer (or Chris Bosh), Noah and Rose, the Bulls seemingly would have a much superior team to Miami now. So if Anthony were to join Rose, Noah and Boozer, wouldn’t that team, especially the way Miami has struggled already, be the class of certainly the East along with Boston?

How could Anthony even think that playing with a so far underachieving Brook Lopez (averaging just over six rebounds) and Devin Harris, or Amar’e Stoudemire and Ray Felton after what the Knicks would have to give up?
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