ESPNU #4 Recruit: Quincy Miller

22 Nov

Because of his outstanding overall skill level Miller is one of the most versatile players in the 2011 class. As a 6’10 wing player his potential and upside are phenomenal as he combines size, athleticism and a good basketball I.Q. into a difficult match-up at any level. He has the ability to score inside-out showing that he is adept at playing with his back to the basket or facing up. He can knock it down behind the arc and is a good play maker off the dribble. He is also a very good rebounder and shot blocker when he puts his mind to it.

Miller’s strength from the perimeter sometimes turns into one of his biggest weaknesses as he has a tendency to gravitate to the perimeter too often which leads to a lack of offensive rebounding production and free-throw attempts. Although he is a shot maker, he needs to refine his shooting technique (his shot is a little deliberate, flat and his elbow is out) from 3 as his shooting percentage is bound to dip at the next levels when he is forced to get it off quicker against bigger and more athletic defenders. Finally, he has a great frame, but needs to develop his body to take the physical pounding at the higher levels.

Bottom Line:
Miller is an elite player and one of the top NBA prospects in his class. He reminds me of a more athletic Danny Manning-type player that is highly skilled and understands how to play. If he continues to work, develop and stays focused this young man has a bright future ahead of him.”

Position: Power Forward
6’9″ 210lbs out of Westchester Country Day School, High Point, NC
College: Baylor


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