Pick ‘Em – Week 13

26 Nov

Western Illinois QB Matt Barr ranks 2nd in FCS passing efficiency and 5th in total offense.

by Chris McCoy

Recap: Last week I went 29-5 on my picks, bringing my season record to 52-18 (.743)… not too shabby.

This week marks the beginning of the FCS (I-AA) playoffs, so as we grumble over the BCS, I’ll continue to highlight great FCS play, and a noble concept – allowing the players to play out the right to the national championship on the field.

Unfortunately, my Florida A&M Rattlers, who beat Bethune Cookman last week to gain a share of the MEAC Championship, did not make the FCS playoff field, but congrats to the Rattlers and the Marching 100 (who won the battle of the bands) anyways. Now back to the picks…

Last week’s breakdown:

By conference:

  • ACC: 5-1 (7-4 Overall)
  • Big Ten: 5-0 (9-1 Overall)
  • Big XII: 5-2 (7-6 Overall)
  • Pac-10: 1-1 (5-2 Overall)
  • SEC: 5-0 (11-2 Overall)
  • Others: 8-1 (13-3 Overall)

This week’s picks:


Big Ten




FCS Playoff Games + Others


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