Random Thought #011

14 Dec

Starting Rotation: 4: Hamels 3: Oswalt 2: Halladay 1: Lee

If defense wins championships, I’m afraid of the new Philadelphia Phillies! Philly just put as much pressure on themselves to win the World Series as Miami did to win the NBA Finals… Is this the best starting rotation ever???? I think so, they’re definitely better than ’90s Braves with Smotlz, Glavine, Maddox and Avery, my former number 1…. Will they win the ’11 World Series? Only time will tell, but we do know that Lee won’t be rocking #34 like he did the first go ’round – Halladay’s got that on lock… Welcome back Cliff! Here’s to making the MLB regular season slightly more interesting to watch!
-Chris McCoy

We’re in the giving mood here at RJP, so enjoy a bevy of songs to commemorate Lee’s return to Philly… Happy Holidays :):

Download Welcome Back Kotter Theme Song by John Sebastian

Download Welcome Back by Ma$e

Download Motown Philly by Boys II Men


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