Hey Mom, I think we need to talk!

16 Dec
Wilt didn't sleep with 20,000 women

Did Wilt bag 20K? What do you think?

by Chris McCoy

I’m no NBA player. I’m just a regular dude, a handsome one at that, and although I’m only 25, I don’t even think I’m on pace to have sex 20K times by age 55. Think about it, to accomplish that, one would have to have sex once a day everyday for 54 years, 9 and a half months. So for all of my exhibitionist out there, you probably should be looking to accomplish that sometime near 70.

Taking that into consideration, let’s think about what Wilt is really claiming here – not sex 20,000 times; 20,000 partners!

Wilt was born in 1936, and his second autobiography: A View from Above, came out in 1991. That’s 55 years. Wilt says in the book that this feat is equal to “1.2 women a day, every day since I was fifteen years old.” So he’s claiming to have accomplished this feat in 40 years (55-15=40). Wilt’s math is actually a little off, though. 20,000/14610 (which is 365.25*40) = 1.37. FYI 1.2 women a day for 40 years = 17,532 (Probably a little closer to the actual number in my opinion).

The number is so astounding, it makes most raise an eyebrow. But he’s an NBA player that gets women all the time why would he lie about it, right?

In his book, Jerry West, The Life And Legend Of A Basketball Icon, Roland Lazenby writes about the Chamberlain slayings through the eyes of former Los Angeles Herald-Examiner Lakers beat writer Doug Krikorian:

“Looking back on the times in his 1990 book, ‘A View From Above,’ Chamberlain claimed to have slept with better than 20,000 women during his career. His claim was designed to sell copies of his book, but Chamberlain very quickly came to regret it.

Part of the reason for Chamberlain’s regret was that he felt his claim led people to view him differently. Suddenly his off-court activities overshadowed his real accomplishments. However, there was another reason as well. Some of his associates doubted his claims.

Doug Krikorian: “Complete hyperbole. Trust me. I spent many a Saturday night where Wilt would call me and say, ‘Let’s go out and have dinner together.’ He was the worst guy I’ve ever seen trying to hustle women. I’m serious. That thing should be debunked. Trust me. I saw firsthand. Yes, he might have had his share of women, but as a slick hustler, please. No. I saw too many nights where he was alone. I was with him.

“There were nights he’d call me up. I was like his valet at times. I’m sure he had hookers come up to his room and stuff like that. He scored on some women, but as a regular Lothario? I know bartenders that scored way more than Wilt. Please. He was playing basketball. How could a real guy be a Lothario? What did he say, 20,000? It’s ridiculous. It’s farcical. Why would he even claim that?”

Wilt Chamberlain (Harlem Globetrotter)

Only wrote this blog so I could make this my song of the week lol

Download Lay It Down by Lloyd

In his latter years, Chamberlain admits that the number may be a little inflated, “We’re all fascinated by the numbers, as we were about the 100 points,” Chamberlain said. “… So I thought of a number that was a round number that may be close and may be whatever, and I used that number. Now according to the average person, that number is so preposterous that I can understand them not believing it. But the point of using the number was to show that sex was a great part of my life as basketball was a great part of my life. That’s the reason why I was single.”

Inside the numbers:

If the numbers are true though, how many little Wiltons (Wilt’s given name) are there out there? This was the 60s and 70s people, he used ZERO condoms! Here’s a scenario for you:  Let’s say that 1 in 20 women that had sex with Wilt were impregnated by him, that’s 1,000 Wilts and Wiltinas running around. If every one of those has an average of 2.3 (I think that was the average in the ’80’s) kids, that’s another 2,300 grandchildren.  And for arguments sake, most ’80s babies have at least one child by now (Thankfully your boy is childless ;)), that’s another 2,300 great grands.  So we’re talking about 5,600 potential unknowing Chamberlains!!!

It gets better. There were approximately 30M women aged 18-39 at the time of the 1970’s census, i.e. there’s a 1 in 1500 chance that your mom or grandmother slept with Wilt the Stilt. To get even more specific, Wilt had a thing for white women; approximately 25M of those 30M in that age range were white.

Scenario 1: If your mom is white and you’re mixed with no idea who you’re father is, there’s a 1 in 1250 chance that Wilt’s your pops.

Scenario 2: If you’re a quarter black and have never met your grandfather, there’s a 1 in 1250 chance that Wilt’s your pop-pop (grandfather). A little scared now? Don’t worry, we got you covered here at RJP, here are a few questions you can ask yourself to see if you and your parents/grandparents actually need to sit down and have a chat:

1. Are you taller than everyone else in my family? Or at least 6’3″?
2. Does your mom LOVE basketball? Are any of these her favorite teams: the Warriors, 76ers, or Lakers?
3. Do you not look like anyone else in your family?
4. Was your mom a hippie, groupie, or have a lot of pictures in her photo albums of her and basketball players?
5. Did your mom always take you to Globetrotter games for some reason you still can’t put your finger on?

*I have this theory that a women that only makes great breakfast food has mastered that skill because she’s used to cooking for guys that have spent the night.

6. Is your moms breakfast cooking delicious, but dinner sub par?
7. Do you have unique basketball and volleyball skills?
8. Has your mom ever met Wilt Chamberlain?
9. Were you born between 1958-1974?
10. Is your middle name Wilton?

If you’ve answered yes to at least three of these questions, it might be time to have a little chat with the fam bam, lol. The Bottom Line:

1. Whether or not Wilt was putting too much on his sexual prowess, his legend stands as one of the all time G’s.
2. There’s a good chance your moms/grandma smashed the homie Wilt, especially if you’re mixed and born between 1958-1974.
3. The greatest lesson Wilt learned through all of the backlash he took for his announcement was this:

With all of you men out there who think that having a thousand different ladies is pretty cool, I have learned in my life […] that having one woman a thousand different times is much more satisfying.

4. Treat your girl right so she doesn’t end up sleeping with D-Wade.


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  1. ryan whittington December 16, 2010 at 8:52 PM #

    i think this was a great story, and gives men and women alot to look at!!!!!Great website

  2. ryan whittington December 16, 2010 at 8:53 PM #

    great article, i think it gives men and women alot to think about.


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