Rex and Wife Michelle Post Foot Fetish Videos on Youtube???

22 Dec
Rex Ryan - Rex Ryan News: Did Rex Ryan & Wife Post Foot Fetish Videos Online?

Did Rex Ryan & Wife Post Foot Fetish Videos Online? Source:

Rex Ryan is in the news once again, but this time – it’s not about football. It is however, about foot. Or feet, to be more accurate. Deadspin reports indicate that Rex Ryan and his wife may have been posting sexually oriented foot fetish videos online. While Rex Ryan, his wife, and no one within the New York Jets organization have confirmed the report – no one has denied it, either.

Knowing that the topic would come up, Rex Ryan bit the bullet and told reporters: “I know you need to ask, it’s a personal matter.” ESPN continued the report with: He said it was between him and his wife and he would not elaborate beyond that. The Jets already had issued a statement: “This is a personal matter and Rex will have no comment.” The story made the front page of the New York Daily News. Ryan is scheduled to meet with the New York media Wednesday afternoon.

DeadSpin continues their investigative reports with:

“But the connections only begin with surface resemblances. We found “ihaveprettyfeet”‘s personal profile on a foot fetishist dating site. She lists her location as Ellicott City, Md. When Rex Ryan was an assistant coach with the Ravens, his profile on the official team city had him living with his family in Ellicott City, Md. Michelle Ryan was born in August 1963, a Virgo. “ihaveprettyfeet” lists herself as a Virgo. Michelle Ryan taught high school English before retiring to raise her kids; “ihaveprettyfeet” has a graduate degree, is married with kids, and lists herself as a homemaker. Michelle Ryan once said that, in heels, she was “a foot [shorter]” than her 6’4″ husband; “ihaveprettyfeet” lists herself as 5’2″. To be sure, there is also an Ellicott City “ihaveprettyfeet” listed on this swingers site. It’s a couple’s profile. The husband checks in at a very un-Rexlike 5’10, 180 pounds.”

Check out a portion of one of the alleged vids below

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