Brandon Lloyd to the Niners Redskins and Bears: F**k You!

29 Dec

by Chris McCoy

Yesterday the Denver Broncos held a media conference call for wide receiver Brandon Lloyd, who made his first Pro Bowl, and was the only Bronco selected to the team.  Lloyd was asked if he wanted to say “told ya so” to his former teams (San Francisco, Washington, and Chicago) now that he’s been selected to the Pro Bowl.

“No,” said Lloyd, “I want to say f**k you, and I mean that in the most professional way.”

I for one am glad he made sure it was professional. Don’t you just hate it when people tell you to f**k off in an unprofessional manner?

The statement caught Broncos media relations director Patrick Smyth by surprise, but after a few moments of silence wisely pushed the conversation along by retorting, “Anything else for Brandon, guys? I have receivers coach Adam Gase here … ”

Lloyd definitely deserved the Pro Bowl knod, he leads the NFL with 1,375 receiving yards on 72 catches. His 10 touchdown receptions are tied for fifth in the league. Way to keep us talking about the Broncos now that your team’s games… well game… no longer matter. Jam!


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