Random Thought #016

29 Dec


Wait til you see my…

Brett Favre’s 2010 base salary:
$13 Million
Favre’s signing bonus:
$3 Million
Deferred salary for 2009:
$4 Million (It’s actually $8 Million, $4 Million was received on March 15th, the other $4 Million won’t be received until February 28, 2011, so we won’t count that 4)

NOTE: The $4 Million Favre could potentially earn in incentives was largely based on the team’s playoff performance this seaon, and since they won’t be making the playoffs this year, we won’t count that either.

That leaves a grand total of $20 Million Favre made in 2010, and Goodell fines him $50K for not fully cooperating in the investigation into lewd text messages and photos he allegedly sent to Jenn Sterger?

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Hold up…

So Favre gets a slap on the wrist – $50K may be a lot to you and me, but let’s be real here, that’s 0.25% of Favre’s 2010 salary… Laughable – receives no suspension, and gets away with pleading the fif???

Sterger met with the NFL not once, but twice. The second time being with Goodell. I can only assume now that the second meeting was to inform her that Favre was failing to cooperate? She reportedly handed over substantial evidence in the case. So what’s Goodell excuse here? “How am I supposed to know if that’s Favre’s meat or not?” Sterger’s lawyer was talking an NFL Sexual Harassment program, and we get a BS fine. Why’d they wait so long? If Favre hasn’t been cooperating, he hasn’t been cooperating since he met with the NFL in October. I think now that the streak’s over and it’s clear that Favre’s out the door, their giving him a slap on the wrist, not wanting to blemish the career of one of the All-time greats on his way out the door.

SN: Did Tavaris just lose his job to an injury AND a wideout? Damn homie… thus is life.

-Chris Mccoy


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