Cole Aldrich sent to the D-League AGAIN

30 Dec

Aldrich getting yammed on by fellow Rook Blake Griffin

by Chris McCoy

This is one of the weakest rookie classes in quite awhile… I just wanted to get that off my chest.

Anyways, around draft time, RJP CEO Karim Dixon and myself had a debate about Cole Aldrich. He thought he could be a decent player in this league. My opinion differed – dude’s not good. He’s a white Erick Dampier. Defensively he may be a force eventually (doubt it), but offensively he’s just not there yet.

Nothing makes me feel better than saying I told you so, lol.  Aldrich wasn’t at Wednesday’s Nets-Thunder clash because he’s on his way back to the D-League… again.

Aldrich was first sent to OKC’s D-League affiliate, the Tulsa 66ers, last month, as there weren’t enough minutes to go around – he’d only played 48 minutes over five games total.

The D-League is an excellent way for players to get considerable more run and seasoning, but players are only allowed three D-League stints a year. Aldrich is already on his second stint. It might just make more sense for them to leave him down there for awhile. He’s only seen 55 minutes of action and is averaging under eight minutes a game when he does play. He’s basically a seat warmer at this point. Let him get some work in at the D-League level. This is your 11th overall draft pick Oklahoma City. If you think he’s going to be any good (which for the record again I don’t), leave him there until after the All-Star Break.


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