Niners Hire Harbaugh

8 Jan

Taylor congratulating Harbaugh on Stanford's Orange Bowl victory

by Chris McCoy

San Francisco’s finally got their man, pause.

According to sources, Harbaugh has been the targeted hire since mid-season – before Singletary was fired after a Week 16 loss to the Rams.

Mission accomplished. Harbaugh signed a five year/$25 million deal on Friday to become the next coach to try to lead the Niners back to the promise land. Harbaugh has accepted the challenge of bringing the 49ers its sixth Lombardi Trophy stating that it’s his goal to win one for “one of the legendary franchises in all of football.”  Whether or not he gets it done is another story.

Many Niners fans have mixed feelings on the hire, including Brandon Walker, “I’m mixed on this hire… I still think we could have got a proven NFL coach like [Jon] Gruden or someone else.”

Niners fan, Robert Gray thinks patience is the key, “As long as the organization is patient and the doesn’t over react when he goes 8-8 next year it will be good. Stanford had over 300 plays in the book. Singletary had about nine…. [The] Niners will be great again”

From the outside looking in, NFL Football fan, Kenny Whaley thinks, “Harbaugh has good pedigree; there will be some ups and downs like with any young coach but I think he will be a good one.”

Only time will really tell, tell us what you think below.

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