Mayo to Denver; Melo to NY?

14 Jan

Mayo watches Anthony drive to the hoop in his last trip to Denver

The New York Knicks have reached out to Memphis about participating in a three-team deal that would send Grizzlies guard O.J. Mayo to Denver and Carmelo Anthony to New York, according to league sources.

Talks are in the infant stages and nothing is imminent, but the discussions are a sign of the Knicks’ increased aggressiveness in trying to trade for Anthony.

Emboldened by their belief that Anthony will refuse to sign a three-year, $65-million contract extension with the New Jersey Nets, the Knicks have stepped up their efforts to bring the Nuggets star to New York.

The Nets, Nuggets and Pistons are still in discussions on a trade that may involve more than 13 players and hope to have it wrapped up by next week, the Bergan (N.J.) Record reported.

The Knicks have tried to engage Denver in trade talks all season, but the Nuggets, unmoved by the players New York has to offer, have been unwilling to partake in significant discussions. Sources, however, say that is changing as the Nuggets themselves wonder whether Anthony is willing to go to New Jersey.


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