Stop plagiarizing

29 Jan

by Greg Bing

Sky hooks. Fade aways. No look passes. You name it the, old cats wrote the book for generations to come.

Question: What pages have we added since they left the game? What bit of innovation have we seen since days of old?

(I’m reasonable, I’ll give you a minute to brainstorm)

Answer: None.

People say all the time that players today could dog walk
[dog walk – noun – To completely demoralize and humiliate the opposition with no concern or regard for feelings – Now back to our regularly scheduled program]
players from generations past because they are faster, stronger, quicker, and nearly unstoppable. Please… If that was true how do the present day Celtics get to the championship year after year? They’re retirement home for the NBA, but currently sit atop the Eastern Conference standings. How is that possible? It’s possible because they have an era of players who are still innovative and play with their minds; finding ways to win and still bringing that fourth dimension to the game, a dimension that makes spectators ask, “What will happen next to the game?” When’s the last time you saw a great dunk NBA dunk contest? How about before Vince Carter? Name the last really good one…

I’m not trying to bash the new generation of athletes, all I’m saying is be inventive. If there is a player in your way, jump over him, shoot 3s from four feet behind the line, set a double screen – one roll to a shot and the other roll to the basket, whatever man, just be creative. Change the game and give us something new to look at.

The reason we don’t buy Madden anymore is because its the same thing with better graphics. So we’re not buying these old crossovers and played out dropsteps any more. We’re not buying these fade aways any more (Jordan lol). It’s good to have these moves in the arsenal, but basketball is a game of skill and creativity, and we just want to see more of that.

Long story short, put some new pages in the book. Stop plagiarizing. Where’s the shirt for that? LOL.


One Response to “Stop plagiarizing”

  1. Nes January 29, 2011 at 5:44 PM #

    My squad… 1. Iverson 2. Jordan 3. Julius Erving/Lebron James 4. Amare Stoudamire (love his game for a 4) 5. Wilt Chamberlin/ Baby Shaq

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