Random Thought #028: If LeBron’s not the MVP tell me who is…

9 Feb

LeBron James, along side his mother Gloria, holding his first of two consecutive MVP trophies. If he wins again, LeBron would joint Bird, Chamberlain, and Russell as the only players to win three straight.

LeBron is playing MVP basketball right now, or as he told Sun Sports in his post game interview last night, “I’m back to playing LeBron James basketball.” I know that has to be eating some of y’all up inside.

Maybe I’m saying this because I need to remind you I said it in October, but it’s still the truth. Earlier on in the season, it seems like everyone was trying to find someone else to award it to because he now plays with Wade and Bosh, the Heat struggled, and theres a lot of James hate floating out there in our atomsphere, but James is STILL the MVP of this league. 

Over his last 20 games, James is averaging 29.6 points, 8.6 rebounds and 7.5 assists… oh and not to mention they are 17-3 in those games. Who was the player of the week in the Eastern Conference last week? James. How about the week before that? James. Who was the Eastern Conference player of the month last month? James. How about the month before that? James… and Wade shared the honor. James is doing whatever his team needs him to do to win games, whether that’s tenacious defense: the Heat are the number five scoring defense in the league, and lead the NBA is point differential; being a facilitator: James has 24 games this season with at least eight assists; or being a scorer: James has had the highest scoring game of the season (51), has had two 40+ point games in the last week, and 17 30+ games this season.

Many of you may have skewed opinions of Miami based off their early season woes, but I think we can all agree that their December 2nd game @Cleveland was a big turning point in their season. Since that time, Miami has only six losses. San Antonio, who leads the league in wins, is the only team with less in that span at five. That includes a four game skid where LeBron did not play in half those losses, nor did Bosh in another. If he keeps playing like this, the voters will have no choice but to hand him the MV3PEAT.

-Chris McCoy


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