Rookie Sophomore Game Observations

21 Feb

By Karim Dixon

The stars alligned for this weekend (no pun intended). There are a large number of players who were either: born, played, or play in Cali at some point in this game.

To steal a line from Chris Webber – Blake showed up without his ACLs and dunked on every one

Interesting moment at the end of the game. Thousands of kids began chanting we want Blake at the end of the game. They started cheering on a close up shot on the screen of a player walking from the sidelines then realised it was Landry Fields as the camera panned out and preceded to boo.

Chris Webber needs to broadcast more often. He had too many quotables but my favorite were “Three men Jumped out of James Hardens Beard. (which he admittedly stole himeslf)” “Chris Anderson is starting to look like a real bird.” Lol

I can’t decide who had the dunk of the night. Whas it Dejuan Blair off the back board, Wall to Griffin or Cousins to wall at the end.

Is it just me or has the rookie sophomore game suprpassed the Allstar game in entertainment quality. The last great allstar game I remeber was Iverson and Marbury willing the east past a stacked western team in 2001. The last bad rookie sophmore game I can remember..I can’t ….(nt saying there haven’t been any I just can’t remember them)


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