Class of 2013 ESPNU #47: Aquille Carr

23 Feb

I know he’s not graduating for two more years, but he probably won’t be 5’6″ in two years… The most exciting little man in high school basketball perhaps???

Aquille is one of the quickest and explosive players in the country, regardless of class. Despite being small in stature, Carr truly impacts the game on each end of the court, especially in an uptempo affair like this one. Offensively he gets in the paint at will. He is a good passer though he can be a little too creative at times and his teammates can have trouble catching his passes. Aquille is super athletic and can dunk at 5’6. His athletic ability and super tight handle allow him to finish at the rim when he slashes to the basket.

Aquille needs to improve the consistency on his streaky jump shot. He also needs to take better care of the ball and not try to force too many issues. His size may hinder him if he doesn’t get a few more inches.

Bottom Line:
Carr is a very good on the ball defender and can be a true pest on the defensive end of the floor. Aquille is a unique and elite talent in the 2013 class.

KILLER crossover… Can dunk and plays great defense… who cares if he’s small
Position: Point Guard
5’6″ 140lbs out of Patterson High in Baltimore
College: Undeclared


For more videos
or watch him drop 58!


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