Melo Trade Reaction

25 Feb

by Karim Dixon

I first thought about writing this as soon as I learned of the trade, but soon realised I sounded like an obsessed crazed lover – both complementing and condemning the object of my affection with ferocious outbursts.

After a few hours of celebrating, laughing, crying alone in the shower and seeing my psychologist I was able to review the deal with a level head. That being said there are many angles in which to view this trade.

Let’s start with the Knicks who won the Carmelo derby.  I (being a Knick fan) was ecstatic to hear that Anthony would finally be on his way to NY after what seemed like years of speculation. I was less enthralled after discovering what we gave up (the entire team).

Now all former Knicks

When details of a the Knicks deal first began to leak I was ok with them. Each day the deal got a little bigger. No one wanted Curry around so no complaints there. Chandler was most likely on his way out this summer anyway. Felton was really just a rental till the 2012 free agency class hit. Then the demands started getting crazy. Gallinari came up and I could accept that because I understood to get something great we would have to give up something in return. Randolph wasn’t playing anuyway, so if it helps throw him in the deal. Then they asked for Mozgov. Let’s get one thing clear. No way is Moz the next coming of Wilt or Kareem. He’s at best a back up ceter right now, but I already felt like the team was giving up too much. Denver had a buffet and was arguing for a free drink! Let’s not forget that the lack of productive big men in the league puts a premium on their price tags. Denver fans will often argue that the Knicks players weren’t that good and that we were only 2 games over .500. I disagree. Considering the age of the team the arrow is pointing up on these guys.

That being said the Knicks got the best player in the deal… I can’t be too upset. Some will argue his ability to fit into this system or mesh with Amar’e, but with half the team gone there should be more than enough shots to go around. Also having both of those guys on the floor at the same time will prevent double teams. Just like the greatest NFL receivers I wouldn’t bet against any of these guy with single coverage. Let’s not forget the team is coached by one of the game’s greatest offensive minds. If the players don’t fit the system he shouldn’t have any problem changing the system to fit his players. Case in point, there was an out of bounds play D’Antoni added to the offense in Melo’s first game with the Knicks because it worked so well for him in Denver. Adaptation shouldn’t be an issue on either end…. Oh and did I mention Chauncey Billups was in this deal? You know you did well in a trade when a finals MVP on a championship team is a throw in. Despite how I feel about losing some of those former Knicks this is a opportunity for talented young players like Bill Walker and Shawne Williams to shine/come into their own. The Knicks aren’t done yet either. Many vets like Troy Murphy and Jarred Jefferies will be waived and NY will undoubtedly go after another big man for their playoff push.

The Nuggets have to be pleased with what they were able accomplish. It seemed like amateur night when they kept agreeing on parameters and then asking for more. At times I thought at this rate Denver will get nothing when Anthony leaves as a free agent. However they were some how able to create leverage where they had none. Sure many feel they got cents on the dollar for the value of Melo. Tell that to the Cavs. They now run two deep at every position. Their bench would actually make a decent starting line up. They saved a ton of money, got young prospects and draft picks. While it wasn’t quite the treasure chest Jersey offered, this deal will allow them to be good in the short-term and even better in the long run.

The Wolves essentially traded Corey Brewer for Antony Randolph. I’ve often been critical of many of their moves but I must say I liked this one a lot. If Darko starts and plays extended minutes on this team then Randolph has to have a chance! Not a ground breaking deal but this one has a chance to pay huge dividends down the road.


2 Responses to “Melo Trade Reaction”

  1. Rob February 28, 2011 at 2:53 PM #

    if NY gave up everyone minus Amar’e and had to sign 10 guys from the D-League just to make a squad they still wouldn’t have given up too much!


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