Does BYU Deserve a #1 Seed???

28 Feb

Jimmer Fredette, the nation's leading scorer.

by Chris McCoy

Alas! March is finally upon us. This is THE best month of the year for college basketball. PERIOD. Think about it, March Madness and the Super Bowl are two of the only times each year when millions of people will bet on teams they know nothing about!

*All my die hard sports fans out there get your money! LOL*

This year’s tourney will have a little different feel to it – instead of 65 teams as we’ve become accustomed to for the last decade, we’ll have 68, but it’s not the last four in I’m concerned with here, it’s the first four in. There’s always a lot of debate and hoopla surrounding the 1’s (#1 seeds), let’s answer some of the questions though.

1: Does the best team in the best conference automatically deserve a 1 seed? 2: Is the selection committee Duke biased? 3: Many of the potential 1’s lost last weekend, who deserves the third 1 seed? 4: Will we ever see a mid-major gain a top seed?

1: Of course the best team in the Big East, in this case, deserves a top seed. *NEWS FLASH* They have eight teams in the AP top 25 this week, and may get as many as 11 bids to the dance. Any team that comes out of that gauntlet on top deserves a one seed, so if you’re following along at home, go ahead and pencil Pittsburg into your brackets.

2: Of course the selection committee is Duke biased. There’s nothing racist about wanting to see someone that looks like you excel on the playing field, it’s human nature. White people like to see white basketball players succeed, just like I like to see the Williams sisters do well at Wimbleton – it’s our natural inclination to root for the underdog or the minority, and let’s face it white boys have become the minority in Division I football and basketball. Let’s be frank here, Duke has a lot of white boys, and every year Duke gets seems to get favorable seeding – in the last decade alone, Duke has “earned” #1 seeds 6 times and #2 seeds twice, mind you all the statistics back up Duke having top seeds, whether it be Mike Krzyzewski having the tournament wins, the second most final four appearances, or the second most championships, but let’s be real, they’ve gotten their share of favorable seedings and regions. That being said, Duke’s a legit #1 this year, and had freshman guard Kyrie Irving not gone down, they’d probably be 29-0 instead of 26-3 right now. So go ahead and pencil them in as well.

3: Texas has lost 2 of their last 3 and seems to be waning a bit, so let’s just look at Ohio State and Kansas; they both have the same amount of losses (2), but I’ve got to give the knod to Kansas as the third 1. They have a better RPI (2 to OSU’s 3) and better strength of schedule (13 to OSU’s 27), and although they maybe #1 in both polls, they’re hanging on by a thread, and I predict they’ll be in the lower half of the top 5 if they don’t win the Big Ten Tournament. Kansas is the better team, with the potential to win it all. OSU’s a good team with the potential to go far. Let’s not get it twisted being the one seeds makes a difference, ones have better win percentages in the tourney, more finals appearances, more final four appearances, etc. etc. So the one should go to the better team, not the team higher in the polls. Pencil in Kansas.

4: Now the question becomes does BYU deserve a #1 seed over the current #1 team in the land? HMMMM… While BYU does play in the Mountain West, they currently sit third in both polls (above Duke and Pittsburgh whom we already have penciled in), have the #1 RPI in the nation, has a strength of schedule stronger than everyone in the top five and only Purdue has a stronger strength of schedule out of the top 10 teams. The selection committee often looks to reward the hot teams, and BYU has won 7 straight games, and if they win the Mountain West tournament they’ll be 32-2 with an active 12 game winning streak headed into the tournament. Most think of Jimmer Fredette when they think of BYU, but BYU is more than Fredette, as they showed Saturday defeating former #4, San Diego St, when Jimmer was held below his scoring average of 27.3ppg. This team is legit, and has the potential to make it all the way to the Final Four. To me, that’s the number one question you should ask in awarding #1 seeds: Can this team make it to the Final Four, if the answer is no, they’re a two seed POINT BLANK. We need to see how the remainder of the season plays out, but as of this moment, I’ve got to say pencil BYU in as the fourth one.

I had you all use pencil because we’ll revisit this after all the conference tournaments conclude, and then revisit it after Selection Sunday, so stay tuned.


2 Responses to “Does BYU Deserve a #1 Seed???”

  1. Kim February 28, 2011 at 7:44 PM #

    Well written Chris! LOL @the Duke part!

  2. Range March 3, 2011 at 10:19 AM #

    Yeah that’s all down the drain now

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