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Brian Wilson’s Fear the Beard Sportscenter Commercial

31 Mar


31 Mar

On Tuesday, March 15th, Hip Hop lost one of its greatest point guards – Nathaniel “Nate Dogg” Hale. Nate Dogg had so many great assists he has to be considered one of the games’ all-time assists leaders; so as we roll into this Final Four, it’s only right we here at RJP send him off with the NCAA’s All-Time assist leaders.

RIP Nate Dogg


30 Mar

How to Fix the NBA Playoffs

30 Mar

Tom Ziller of SBNation thinks he has the solution:

So long as the BCS exists, no other major sports playoff system can possibly look truly terrible; college football’s bowl system is so backwards — and, as it turns out, corrupt — that quibbling over the way the NBA’s playoffs work seems like quibbling. In other words, it could be worse, much worse. Imagine basketball’s version of the Chick-fil-A Bowl, featuring the Timberwolves and Nets!

But something is broken in the NBA, and it’s the conference system…

The Houston Rockets are this season’s victim. The Rockets currently sit at 39-35, four games ahead of .500 but 2.5 games behind the Memphis Grizzlies for the No. 8 seed in the West. The East playoff picture would, as of Wednesday, admit three teams with records worse than that of Houston to the postseason: the 76ers (38-36), Knicks (36-38) and Pacers (33-42).

In fact, if the NBA abolished conference seeding in the playoffs, the Phoenix Suns would slide in, too. Here’s what the bracket would look like after Tuesday’s action.

What the playoffs would look like if the NBA did away with Conference Championships

What do you know? If you include the best 16 teams in the league regardless of conference, the series still look amazing! Magic-Nuggets would be must-see television, and not just because of the phrase “Magic Nuggets.” There isn’t a bad first-round series there (though Bulls-Sixers could get a bit grindy), and the second-round pairings are as wonderful as anything we’ll get under the current system. I mean, the opportunity for Lakers-Heat before the NBA Finals alone is worth it, right?
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Getting to know the 2011 Final Four teams

30 Mar

If you’re a novice college basketball fan, you’ve probably heard of powerhouses like UConn and Kentucky, but may have never heard of VCU or Butler until recently, so lets take a closer look at all four schools.

Butler Guard Shelvin Mack


Location: Indianapolis, IN

Enrollment: 3,897

Team Mascot: Bulldogs

How they got to Houston: d. Old Dominion (60-58), d. Pittsburgh (61-60), d. Wisconsin (61-54), d. Florida (74-71)

Greatest basketball moment: Coming within centimeters of winning the 2010 national championship.

Why is the school called Butler? The university is named Ovid Butler, an abolitionist newspaper editor who died in 1881.

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VCU Guard Joey Rodriguez

Virginia Commonwealth

Location: Richmond, VA

Enrollment: 21,835 (56.4 percent female)

Team Mascot: Rams

How they got to Houston: d. USC (59-46), d. Georgetown (74-56), d. Purdue (94-76), d. Florida State (72-71), d. Kansas (71-61)

Greatest basketball moment: This. While making the Final Four is the unquestionable highlight of VCU’s history, the school isn’t without its NCAA tournament memories. In 1985, the first year of the 64-team field, the Rams entered March as a No. 2 seed. They didn’t make it out of the first weekend though thanks to an upset loss at the hands of Alabama. The first-round win would be VCU’s last until Eric Maynor hit a 15-footer to upset Duke in 2007.

Reason to root for them: This sign was hung during a rally sending the team off to San Antonio for the southwest regional. It refers to Dick Vitale’s badmouthing of VCU’s at-large bid.

Take a look at VCU→

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Division III YouTube sensation earns spot in NCAA dunk contest

30 Mar

One of the Dunks from Turner's Video - a 360 between the legs jam (Click to enlarge)

by Chris McCoy

About three weeks ago, we brought you the video of Jacob Tucker’s NCAA Dunk Contenst audition; yesterday Tucker received the invite he sought when he put the tape together after winning a Facebook fan poll. Shoot, I even voted for the man, and apparently I wasn’t alone as he received an astounding 88 percent of the vote to defeat Rico Cunningham for the final spot in the competition.

“It was a weight lifted off my shoulders,” Tucker said of the invitation. “I was really excited. I was running around the room. Anytime there’s a competition, you never know. They weren’t showing the number of votes, so I didn’t know what it was. To get 88 percent, that is crazy. That’s unbelievable. I’ve gotten so much support.”

I’m not surprised at all, I mean we are talking about someone whose “Audition Tape” has gotten well over 2.6 million views in less than a month! Rico (whose video did slightly under 12,000 hits) didn’t stand a chance.

It should be rather interesting to see the 5’10”-5’11” Tucker square off with the likes of Pittsburgh’s Gilbert Brown, St. John’s Justin Burrell, Memphis’ Will Coleman, East Tennessee State’s Justin Tubbs, San Diego State’s Billy White, Cincinnati’s Darnell Wilks and UNC-Asheville’s John Williams for the crown. With an estimated 50″ vertical I’d say although he’s the only non-D-I baller in the contest, he’s got to start off as the favorite… Somebody get me the line on Tucker to win it all!

How does he like his  own chances?

“I feel with the dunks I have practiced and the dunks I have in my arsenal I have a chance,” Tucker said.

So what can we expect?

“I’m not going to leak them out,” Tucker said. “I will say there’s a couple dunks you haven’t seen me do before or some you’ve never seen before.”

I guess we’ve just got to tune in and see, you can catch the contest on ESPN2 Thursday at 6PM PST (#ATP: All times Pacific ;)).

Shannon Brown switches hands in mid air for a crowd pleasing dunk

29 Mar