Random Thought #030: Sidney Crosby Must Have the Worst Concussion of ALL TIME!!!

15 Mar

Sid the Kid returned to the ice yesterday… but just to skate for 15 minutes. I swear this dudes got the worst concussion of all time! Okay, maybe not all time, Minnesota Wild winger, Pierre-Marc Bouchard only played 10 mins and 44 seconds last year before sustaining a concussion – and missed the remaining 81 games! WTF!

Hockey players pride themselves on being tough guys… missing 81 games with a headache ain’t gangsta! LOL.

They’re saying Crosby, who’s been out since January 5th may miss the remainder of the season! WOW. If football players can come back from a concussion in two to three weeks why does it take hockey players so long? I know you all fight and get knocked around, but you’re not getting tackled out there!

C’mon son! Take some Excedrin and get back on the ice!

Chad Ochocinco giving Skip Bayless the "c'mon son" face and flashing the classic cardboard sign Ed Lover's made so famous... Props for the prop!

Seriously though, concussions are a serious matter and I hope he doesn’t lose the remainder of his season to a concussion like Bouchard. He’s the face of hockey, and if I wasn’t watching before he went down, I damn sure have no reason to watch the playoffs without him because let’s be real – no one watches regular season hockey games.

– Chris McCoy


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