Anyone Else Need a Mulligan?

24 Mar

by Chris McCoy

I’m usually pretty on point with my brackets, it’s kind of my thing… people look forward to trying to beat me. Well this year in all likelihood I’m not winning. I have eight out of the sweet 16 in one bracket and 10 out of 16 in another.

No VCU. No Richmond. No Florida State.

Which is crazy because I’m from Virginia and went to school in Tallahassee! But let’s be real, Cleo didn’t even see that one coming!

This is robbery, and I laid down willingly apparently ($25 on #1)... $4 gas coming soon to a station near you!

VCU off all teams was the one of the teams everyone said should have swapped places with Virginia Tech or Colorado. Seems like their using that “nobody likes me” mentality to fuel their engines (Which apparently is way more effective than $4 gas).

*SIDE NOTE* Remember when you could fill up your tank for less than $20? When $5 in gas money could take you on three or four trips? Nowadays that won’t even get you home SMH. Anyways, I digress…

I’m actually not doing that bad in the grand scheme of things. President Obama is in the 99.9 percentile and he didn’t have either of those three teams advancing either. He’s sure to drop in rank though (7,549 out of 5 Mil+) – as one of his Final Four participants (Pittsburgh) is now watching the tournament from home just like the rest of us.

So what did we learn last weekend?

Don’t sleep on Florida State. We always say that defense wins championships, well FSU leads the nation in field goal percentage defense. They shut down a 2-seeded Notre Dame team that was top 40 in the country in points per game and field goal percentage… VCU is 99th and 180th in those categories respectively. Only six of FSU’s opponents have scored more than 70 points in a game all year, in fact in their wins this year, FSU is allowing less than 62.5 ppg, and is only allowing 53.5 ppg in their two tournament wins. So if VCU can make this into a shootout look for them to win, if it becomes a low scoring affair look for FSU to advance.

Bottom Line: VCU is averaging 75.7 ppg in the tournament, 4.2 points above their season average, scored 94 against a 3-seeded Purdue team, and won their only slugfest of the tournament – a 59-46 vicory over USC in their First Four game, but I’m rolling with FSU to the Elite 8. The Seminoles may have a tough time scoring (154th in the nation), but they play defense (25th in points allowed, 1st in opponet’s FG%) and rebound (13th). FSU’s favored by 3.5; look for them to cover the spread.

Cinderella has left the building! Richmond is the only team in the history of the NCAA tournament to win games as a 12-seed, 13-seed, 14-seed, and 15-seed. I think it’s only approapriate to call them by name: Cinderella.  Cinderella takes the glass slippers off and gets dirty too! If Florida State wins with defense the same is true for the Richmond Spiders. They rank 16th in the nation in points allowed and have only allowed 110 point total during the NCAA tournament. Kansas is just too talented though. The southwest is defintely a Cinderella region, as Kansas is the only single-digit seeded team remaining, and two mid majors are still alive. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Richmond is leaving this ball just like VCU.

Bottom Line: Kansas is favored by 10.5, I don’t know if they’ll cover the spread as Richmond is a good defensive team, but don’t be surprised if this thing gets ugly. Richmond got a good draw, Vandy wasn’t all that great to begin with, and Morehead State surprised Louisville, but watching the Spiders play told me all I need to know about their game with KU: they’re going down.

Gordon Hayward with Shelvin Mack and Ronald Nored

Butler came to play. The Butler-Wisconsin game is bound to have high ratings in the Midwest as a match up between two of the three remaining Midwestern teams (Marquette being the other). Butler, last year’s runner up, is showing everyone they’re bigger than Gordon Hayward… I like their synergy and I’m just not that big a fan of Bo Ryan coached teams in the NCAA tournament.

Bottom Line: Wisconsin is favored by 4.5, I’ll take that line any day, my money’s on Butler to not just cover the spread but to win outright, this may not be a Final Four team again this year, but I see an Elite 8 in their future #callmenow lol.

As far as the other games are concerned here’s how I’m rolling:

Florida’s favored by 2.5, I’m rolling with the Gators over BYU, even though I’m routing for Fredette… I just don’t see it. San Diego State’s favored by 2 over UConn in a game in San Diego State’s back yard. UConn hasn’t lost a tournament game this year, not in Maui, not in Madison Square Garden, not in DC. Kimba’s a big time player who’s going to will his team to the Elite 8. I’m going with UConn over SDSU by at least 6. I’ve got Duke winning it all so we don’t even need to talk about the spread. I’m also rolling with North Carolina and Ohio State (even though I’ll be routing for Kentucky in that game).

Enjoy the games, I’ll be back on Saturday for my Road to the Final Four Pick ‘Em.


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