The Five Yards that Changed Football

24 Mar

by Greg Bing

I guarantee that this will be the 5 yards that changes football.

Remember I said that. This is HUGE. Just to bring you up to speed, Tuesday, at the NFL Owners’ Meeting in New Orleans, the owners voted 26-6 to change the position of the kick off from the 30 to the 35 yard line. The Competition Committee expressed concerns about the safety of the players; pointing out that too many injuries were occurring on kickoffs. The league believes that this change will significantly decrease the number of injuries that occur on kick offs…THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

So why is this significant you ask? Let me break it down for you.

Hester told Waddle & Silvy on ESPN 1000 in Chicago

1.) Fantasy football fans out there can forget those extra points from kick returners. Kickers often place their kicks based on weaknesses they see in the kick return team; however, if you give a kicker 5 more yards he’s just going to Chuck Norris roundhouse the ball over the goal line every time. So, with that being said no return = no fantasy points.

2.) Even if the Return man receives the ball to make his return, The kick off team is that much closer to him. If the closest man to you was on the 25 before, now he’s on the 20. When the return man takes his 4th step the kick off team will be 5 yards away.

3.) Shorter kickoffs may result in high risk high reward situations. For example: Josh Scobee opts to kicks a ball at a 60 degree angle instead of 45 to increase the hangtime and reduce the distance. Instead of the ball landing on the 1 yard line it lands on the 5 however, the ball has gained an extra 1 second of hangtime (1 second = 10 yards in an all out sprint to the returner). Now your kick team is in position to pin the return team deep in their own territory. This is a huge risk, though, because if poorly executed by the kicking team it’s 6 the other way.

4.) Fourth and probably my biggest point of all. RETURN MEN SALARIES MAY BE SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED! Your decreasing the chance of a 40 yard return! Ask yourself if you would pay a return man to bask in the sun for 4 hours.

Well I hope scenario number 3 is what we see most of all year. That would make it a little more exciting but I doubt it. Trust me kickers are going to be peeling their ears back and destroying the ball. I guarantee their all in the weight room right now after the big news. But don’t worry too hard guys, we’ve always got punt returns. Just remember this “Football is not a game of yards or feet. Football is a game of inches and everyone counts.”


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