Who You With?

2 Apr

by Chris McCoy

This has been a wild NCAA tournament, one of the craziest in recent memory. I even picked a mulligan Final Four and Butler was the only team to make it! There are no certainties here, and with the Cinderellas on one side of the bracket, and the Powerhouses on the other we’re bound for a Power 6 vs. Mid-Major Championship game. So who do you think’s going to the Championship game? Let us know in the comments below. Also check out how they got here. As for the staff, here are some of our thoughts…

Karim: I think VCU has a lot of momentum right now. They can shoot lights out, and this Final Four’s been so crazy why not them?
McCoy: I’m rolling with Butler. Brad Stephens is the best young tactician in the game. They’re confinent, and worst come to worst know how to win ugly #tyronehill. They guard the three point line with great tenacity, and if you take away a team’s strength, you have the best chance to win the game.
Jumaane: I’m picking VCU purely off area bias, no stats or nothing… purely area bias!
Dom: VCU is the new Butler, and they will keep their streak going the same way their opponent did the year before. Jamie Skeen will continue to skeet threes all over the Bulldogs… pause. Butler will make a few runs based off of their sound basketball, but I believe the Rams will find a way to make some tough 3’s, which will be the difference. 69-63 VCU.

VCU: 4 Bulter: 2

Jumaane: I’ve got UConn. I think they’re going to focus on Kemba too much and Lamb and Oriakhi are going to go off.
Darius: UConn is on a run and Kemba can’t be stopped. Kentucky is young and I don’t think they will live up to the pressure of the game and may fall apart if the game is close and comes down to the wire. I also think UConn doesn’t want to get outdone by the women who’ll likely be in the championship game as well.
Amar: I’ve got UConn over Kentucky. I haven’t really been watching the regular season of NCAA ,but from what I seen in the tourney UConn is balling out of this world and Kemba Walker will lead his team to the championship game. Kentucky has been solid too but they’ve had 3 close games (including Princeton) that could’ve had them out much earlier.
Dom: I think the UConn-UK game will come back to the supporting players. Players such as Brandon Knight and Kemba Walker will respectively cancel themselves out. I still think the game will be relatively close, but expect Alex Oriakhi to have a repeat performance from the previous game they had earlier this season: 75-71 Huskies.

UConn: 5 Kentucky: 1


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