The Earliest Must-Win Game of All-Time

8 Apr

A young Red Sox fan expressing his disdain for the Yankees

by Chris McCoy

The Red Sox are now 0-6… The same Red Sox that, The Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, and EVERY SINGLE ESPN ANALYST picked to win the AL East and 73% (33 out of 45) picked to win it all! I’d say some of them might be second guessing that pick at this point, but let’s be real, it’s only a 6 game losing streak. If it happened in June or July would we even be making as much of a fuss about it?

Everyone’s making a big deal about it because all the statistics say teams that start the season 0-6 don’t even make the playoffs, much less the World Series. In fact, since 1900, only two 0-6 teams — two NL teams: the 1974 Pirates and 1995 Reds — have made the playoffs, and neither made it to the World Series. Matterfact, no AL team has started the season 0-6 and finished even better than 3rd place in their division.

Oh yeah, a $161 Million payroll also warrants much ado about no wins.

We’re talking about some of the most die hard fans and scrutinizing media in the country. All of Red Sox nation is bugging right now, which makes tonight’s game so much more important. With the hated Yankees coming into town, the pressure is on to win this first game. If they lose tonight, they’ll be putting even more pressure on themselves to win Saturday, and if they come up empty versus Ivan Nova, at 0-8 and hitting .159 with runners in scoring position, they can forget about winning Sunday with C.C. on the mound for New York.

Big Papi's look of frustration after grounding out in Wednesday's loss to the Indians

Baseball isn’t one of those sports where you say if I try harder I’ll hit better, matter fact its almost counterproductive – like in golf. So the Red Sox need to relax and remain confident. You can tell it’s getting to them a bit though, as evidence of David Ortiz’s #really face after grounding out in his first at bat Wednesday, as to say not this BS again, or Dustin Pedroia’s comment’s on their 0-6 start:

“This is our lives. We’re going to get home right now and my wife’s going to look at me and say ‘[Expletive], you’re 0-6. You guys stink.’ We all bring this [expletive] home with us, man. We care. We’ll figure it out. We have to. We don’t want to let anyone down. That’s it.

“We’ll figure it out. We’re going to win a lot more games than we’re going to lose, I’ll tell you that. We’re not going to be 0-162.”

Hold up, hold up, hold up!

These same Red Sox that has going 100-62 are saying “Hey we won’t go 0-162!?” I’m pretty sure that’s not what Red Sox Nation wants to hear right now Pedroia!  If the Red Sox get swept by the Yankees, the Boston media will eat them alive, they’ll be 0-9 and in a tremendous hole. It’s important for them to win this game to relieve some of the tension and ease fears.

I know how ridiculous this sounds, that six games into the season, there’s a must win game. I mean we’re only 1/27th into the season with 156 games to go. That’d be like panicing three games into the NBA season or in the 3rd quarter of Week 1 in the NFL season, but baseball is such a mental game that it’s pertinent that they relax tonight and get this W. Phil Hughes has an 11.25 ERA in his only start of the season (5 ER in 4IP). This may be their best chance of  the series for a win. I hope they get it simply because I’m tired of hearing about the 0-for Sox.


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