Masters Apologizes for Barring Female Reporter

11 Apr


Masters officials have apologized to sports columnist Tara Sullivan of The Bergen (N.J.) Record after she was denied entry to a locker room for a post-tournament interview.

Augusta National spokesman Steve Ethun says a security guard acted improperly in stopping Sullivan, because club policy is to provide equal access to all reporters. Several female reporters at the tournament confirmed they had made numerous trips to the locker room for interviews in the past.

Ethun says ”it should not have happened,” and Augusta National officials will work ”as hard as we can to make sure it does not happen again.”

Sullivan was among a crowd of reporters following third-round leader Rory McIlroy from the course into the clubhouse after his collapse in the final round.

“(The security guard) just said women were not allowed, and there was no official in sight,” Sullivan said.

By the time she located McIlroy’s manager, the interview had been completed.

Ethun said the club hires a number of people to work the tournament and the guard apparently was unaware of the equal-access policy.
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