LeBron Quick To Say “Cleveland NOT My City”

25 Apr

LeBron James speaks to reporters in Philadelphia during off day as Miami Heat lead the Philadelphia 76ers 3-0 with Game 4 coming Sunday (Matt Rourke/AP).

by Chris McCoy

Think LeBron is tired of hearing that Cleveland is his city?

LeBron, who grew up in Akron, OH, which is about 45 minutes south of Cleveland, let it be known quite swiftly that Cleveland is not his city. He didn’t even let the reporter who referenced Cleveland as “your city” finish the question before he let the writer know that he can’t disown something that was NEVER his.


He continued on saying, “It wasn’t my city. It wasn’t my team either,” he said. “I was just a player, you know, I helped get that franchise to leaps and bounds that they haven’t seen before.

“But there were players before me – Mark Price, Larry Nance, Brad Daugherty and guys way before me. The city was not built on LeBron James.”


Larry Nance is from South Carolina, Mark Price’s from Oklahoma, Daugherty’s from North Carolina. They all went to college, YOU grew up 45 mins away, the Cavs were your closest pro team, YOU came to play for them straight out of high school – YOU had no other allegiance. YOU let them build you up as the hometown hero and the King of Cleveland. YOU are the franchise leader in points, scoring average, FG made, FG attempted, FT made, FT attempted, and steals, and not too far from the top in many others. Cleveland was no more your city than Chicago’s was Jordan… oh wait Michael’s not from Glenwood, IL (45 mins south of Chitown)!

You have to love LeBron’s seperation of business and home, though. He’s always shown the Akron community a lot of love and maintained that Akron was his hometown – even accepting the 2009-2010 MVP Award in his hometown. You must admit that was a clever move – to begin to seperate himself from the city of Cleveland. LeBron WAS just a player for a franchise that drafted HIM; he didn’t chose the Cavs, they chose him, and when it was time for LeBron to chose, he chose elsewhere. LeBron’s moved on, and wishes people would stop saying he’s a Clevelander. Maybe if he says it enough times people will let it go… Yeah right!


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