Bankrupt stars: Athletes who lost it all

27 Apr

In 2008, the NBA Players’ Association claimed that 60 percent of pro basketball players go broke within five years of retirement. It’s not hard to see why. In the annals of “easy come, easy go,” few people see it come and go like professional athletes.

While it’s true that many take their salaries and invest them in sensible and enduring business ventures, many others squander their multimillion-dollar salaries on expensive cars, jewelry and mansions, and when the checks stop coming in, they have little to show for it.

Basketball player Latrell Sprewell first made headlines during his tenure with the Golden State Warriors. During a 1997 practice, he choked his coach, P.J. Carlesimo, and earned a 68-game suspension. Sprewell still went on to a substantial career, earning almost $100 million.

Here is a list of notable athletes who went bankrupt after their sports career. Some of the athletes mentioned have found themselves back in the spotlight and somewhat earning a salary. Michael Vick has found himself back to what made him millions in the beginning, playing football and doing petty well I mustsay. Also Mike Tyson has found a somewhat stable money maker by appearing in movies and starring in a reality show. Most of the other names mentioned have managed to stay away from the media and who knows what their situation is at the moment.

Latrell Sprewell
Lenny Dykstra
Mike Tyson
Kenny Anderson
Michael Vick
Lawrence Taylor
Johnny Unitas
Dorothy Hamill
Marion Jones
Derrick Coleman
Mark Brunell
Scottie Pippen
Antoine Walker
Tony Gwynn

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