Albert Haynesworth, Problem Child

30 Apr

by Kellen W. Hill

Haynesworth Facts:

  • Going into his 10th year in the NFL. #Fact
  • Has only made the pro-bowl twice. #Fact
  • First pro-bowl selection was in ’07 (his sixth season) #Fact
  • Signed a 7-year/$100 million contract with the Washington Redskins in ’09. #Fact
  • To date has stolen…I’m sorry, “earned” roughly $32 million of that contract. #Fact

Haynesworth Ugly Facts:

  • Stomped Dallas Cowboy Andre Gurode in the face on the field with cleats on in ’06 #Fact
  • Fined $1,000 for driving his Cadillac Escalade at 103 mph on I-65 on 12/9/08. #Fact
  • Indicted for contributing to an accident in his Ferrari {driving at speeds greater than 100mph} colliding with a vehicle that left a young man paralyzed four days later (12/13/08) on I-65. #Fact
  • In 2010, defaulted on a loan of $2.38 million with Clayton Bank & Trust in which they filed a lawsuit. #Fact
  • In 2010, sued by stripper Silvia Mena in New York for $10 million when she alleged he impregnated her and left her with no means of child support. #Fact

Haynesworth “Allegations”:

  • In 2011, allegedly threw a punch at Joel Velasquez during a traffic incident in Virginia. #Allegation
  • In 2011, allegedly swiped a credit card on the female parts of a waitress and groped her breast. #Allegation


Usually I refrain from passing judgment on people I do not know, especially when they are being tagged heavily by the media. 8 out of 10 times I try to provide the athlete with the benefit of the doubt, as people will generally seek out their 15 minutes of fame. But in this case, I have to give Albert Haynesworth 15 YEARS of shame!

Disgusting, un-loyal, pathetic, horrible, repulsive, a piece of $#!^; _________ (I’ll leave this blank here for anything else you may care to add upon the completion of this article).

After reading the latest “allegation” on Haynesworth, I literally found it difficult to not loathe this human being. The oldest brother of four sisters, it’s hard for me to believe the latest allegation is only an allegation. The track record speaks for itself. This dude has everything from anger issues to harassment issues to entitlement issues. Even his ex-wife Stephanie Haynesworth spoke out on this guy to the USA Today a while back.

I can assure you if this were my sister, mother or daughter that Haynesworth assaulted, all 5’11” and 185 pounds of me would get so far into his 6’6” 335 pound frame you would no longer recognize him for the next year or so [I have such a straight face while saying this].

When you have a track record as long as Haynesworth does, it makes you fathom how could a human being be so foul?

Yes, we all remember the Haynesworth saga on the field with Redskins’ coach Mike Shanahan and how he showed up to camp overweight and out of shape. While most people kind of laughed it off, I saw it as a slap in the face to his teammates. You’re pissed off because you have to play in a 3-4 defense instead of a 4-3 defense? Or were you just made because you would have to pick up double teams and sacrifice your stats for the betterment of the team? It spoke to everything this guy is about. He wants the easy way out of everything in life.


He recently told the police he couldn’t have possibly assaulted the waitress because he doesn’t “even like black girls.”


Not even the head groupie for the NBA and NFL would put up with the nonsense you bring to the table.

This guy has managed to turn teammates, spouses, coaches and owners against him. When will he ever get it through his head that he is not entitled to anything and that he is the blame for the majority of his actions? He probably won’t but I can damn sure tell you his career in on the short end right now. You are going into your 10th year in the league and you’ve only made the Pro-Bowl twice? Dude, you aren’t even a candidate for the Pee Wee football league Hall of Fame.

You had one ‘great’ year at Tennessee and then you bailed on them for the road to riches. Now you act like a freaking 5-year-old because you can’t play in the defense that best suits you! It’s funny to me because I am quite sure there have been many perennial pro bowlers who adjusted their game and found a way to make the coaches system work for them and still were great. My hope was the same for you Albert, but I can’t say you let me down. You only let yourself down with the repeated stupidity you display. You are 30 years old and you still want to throw temper tantrums and act like the world should owe you something!

Air McNair was Albert's teammate from '02-'05

In case you forgot, you are still a black man in the white man’s world. You’re rich, not wealthy. The money can be taken from you at any moment, let alone your life – my favorite quarterback of all-time, Steve McNair, had to find this out the hard way. As a black man, I would hope you would have it in you to prove all doubters wrong, but when you look in the mirror I wonder if you even consider yourself that. When they stop caring about you and your opportunities run out, it’s over and done with.

Don’t believe me? Go ask JaMarcus Russell.

Haynesworth is a prime example of why many people are siding with the owners in the current NFL labor dispute. I above all want to see these athletes get their just pay, but when you have inconsiderate and unappreciative a–holes like this guy, it makes it easy to see why the owners want to restrict what they give. Hell, I even feel sorry for Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, for having to sign your checks.

You are living in a dream world right now Albert, but when the reality of life comes back to you, everything will be gone… that is unless you change your mentality.


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