Rick Ross Rolling to the Ring with Pacquiao

30 Apr

by Chris McCoy

When Manny Pacquiao fights Shane Mosley on May 7th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Rick Ross will escort the champ to the ring. The conspiracy theorist in me can’t help but think this is a subliminal shot at Floyd “Money” Mayweather, who for one reason or another, has yet to fight Pacquiao.

Ross, who confirmed the appearance via twitter, met Pacquiao during the Nike “Boom” Ad Campaign, has openly feuded with both Floyd and close friend 50 Cent. Maybe it’s nothing. Maybe it’s an attempt to get Floyd to finally fight him. Either way it adds an interesting dynamic to the bout next week.

It could just be that Pacquiao’s life-long friend and assistant trainer, Buboy Fernandez, digs Ross’ music, as he’s seen in the video below wearing a Maybach Music Group t-shirt with the Blowin Money Fast instrumental playing in the background. No word yet on whether or not that’s the song that Ross will perform during the ring walk, but we’ll find out next Saturday.


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