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Think LeBron Travels A Lot… You’re Not The Only One

31 May

Check out Ex-NBA Ref Tim Donaghy as he breaks down The King’s traveling habit.



31 May

by Chris McCoy

Enjoy this NBA Finals while you can.

In fact, hope it goes seven games because after it’s over there will most likely be a lockout in the NBA and the NFL concurrently, as the collective bargaining agreement ends on June 30th – shortly after the draft. That being said let’s not rain on the Finals parade. This should be a great series. Dirk’s on fire. LeBron decided to turn on his clutch gene, and whether you’re a Heat fan, a bandwagon rider, a Heat hater, a LeBron hater, or a Mavs fan (they make those? lol), you have a reason to watch.

The Mavs are the only team besides the Lakers and Spurs to make it out of the West since Jordan retired, and there will be a lot of people cheering for them to win aka rooting for the Heat to lose. How about the RJP Staff though, do any of us think they can actually pull it off? Let’s have a look…

Jumaane Corley

Personally I really want to say F both of these teams. I want the series to go seven games, and I hope the 7th game goes to 6 overtimes and they call it a draw. FIRST DRAW IN NBA HISTORY. Why? Because I’m still salty my Lakers played like some trash in the playoffs. Yes I’m MAD LOL.

With all that being said, since I have to actually pick a team to win… I’m picking Miami in 7. It would be nice to say that the Mavs would learn from 2006 and be motivated by that loss, but the NBA doesn’t always work like that. Utah got served twice by the Bulls and the Nets lost in their two recent trips to the NBA Finals as well. Life isn’t always fair or just and the Mavs will unfortunately learn that this year.
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Random Thought #035: If You See Someone From Ohio Today… Give Them A Hug

31 May

by Chris McCoy

This has got to be a rough stretch for Ohio sports fans. The second greatest coach in Ohio State’s history just resigned, and the university’s athletic department is under a microscope. The Finals – featuring LeBron James by the way – start tonight. The Cleveland Indians no longer have the best record in the majors after losing five of their last six games, and the Cincinnati Reds, once the leaders of the NL Central, now sit in third and are now just one game over .500 (28-27); having lost 10 of 13.

The Good News? You landed the 1st and 4th picks in the weakest NBA draft in a decade. Congrats! #wherestheconfetti

So if you see someone from Ohio today… especially a sports fan, give them a hug. I’m sure they need one right about now!

Jim Tressel Quits on His Day Off

30 May

by Chris McCoy

Happy Memorial Day. This just in Jim Tressel has resigned. Hold up… Say What? Who resigns on their day off? That’s like a reverse Craig!

If you’ve missed some of the events that have led up to this, let’s recap:

The five Ohio State University football players suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season pledged to return next year and serve their suspensions, as Coach Tressel would not let them play in the Sugar Bowl if they hadn’t committed to returning. The five players were: Terrelle Pryor, DeVier Posey, Mike Adams, Dan Herron and Solomon Thomas. All but Thomas had legitamite shots at the NFL this year.

Coach Tressel later agreed to serve a five game suspension himself, once it came out he was knowledgeable about the incident before hand.
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Stephen A. Smith Goes Off On Scottie… And Skip Bayless

29 May


27 May

Scottie Pippen Thinks LeBron’s the Greatest EVER?!?

27 May

Scottie Pippen thinks LeBron could become the best basketball player of all time. This seems blasphemous coming from a man who played beside and won six championships with MJ! Checkout his reasoning: