Stat of the Night: Memphis Is For Real

4 May

by Chris McCoy

The Grizzlies are letting the NBA know that they are here to stay.

They’ve locked up their point guard, their small forward and their power foward… hopefully they have enough bread left to match offers for their center. What’s amazing about their playoff push is that they’re doing all this without their second highest paid player – Rudy Gay.

Not only did the Grizz beat the team with the best record in the West, but they stole home court advantage from my favorite to reach the conference finals.Speaking on their game one win, forward Shane Battier said, “To be honest, that was probably the first time in 10 years many people even had seen us play. That was our first network game (with the telecast on ABC). I bet you most people couldn’t even name our starting five or even our color scheme.

’’By the way their colors are Memphis Midnight Blue and Grizzlies Gold, which is noted by the team to be modeled after the colours of Egyptian royalty – Go figure.

Randolph gets fouled by Perkins on his way to a 34 point 10 rebound night in a Game 1 win.

This is a team that was just beyond the bend last year at 40-42, and now has the the confidence and cohesion to play with anyone. They’ll be hard pressed to beat LA, but don’t be shocked if they beat the young Thunder. Zach Randolph is playing like a man right now (22.3 pts 9.3 reb in eight games), and as you can see from the stat, if you take away the two games they threw away to play the Spurs (by the way – Head Coach Lionel Hollins is looking like a genius for that decision), their win percentage down the stretch was the same as OKC’s.

All this from a team that started the season 14-18! How dangerous could this team be if they started the year off right in 2011-12. This team is 21-13 without Rudy Gay, including the post season, and gaining confidence playing without him everyday. Do I think they could make the Finals? In some alternate universe where, Dallas beats LA? Yes, but I don’t see that happening… so we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.


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