Smart Trade? or Clippers Curse Continued?

18 May

Kyrie Irving (left) and Derrick Williams (right) are the most likely choices at #1.

by Amar Madyun

On February 24, 2011, the Clippers traded Baron Davis to the Cavaliers for Mo Williams, Jamario Moon and their 2011 first round pick. Yesterday at the NBA Draft Lottery we found out that was the number one pick.

When I found out the Cavs had the number one pick by way of the Clippers, I just shook my head.

Not out of anger or disbelief, but out of an eerie “here we go again” feeling. Being a Clipper fan, you expect things to go wrong for a franchise that’s seen way more bad years than good years. Blake Griffin was one of the best things to happen to the Clips in a loooong time. Before the Blake show came to town, the last person they drafted #1 overall was *sigh* Michael Olowokandi, who was one of the biggest busts in NBA history. He was just one of many misses of the Clippers drafts during the dreadful tenure of Elgin Baylor as GM (setting aside his executive of the year season – 2006).

I honestly didn’t think that the trade was that bad because Baron Davis has a lot of miles on him. He’s also owed nearly $29 million over the next two years, and in a weak draft year, only having a 1.1% shot at the top pick meant the number 11 pick was more likely, i.e. a player that most likely wouldn’t be a perennial All-Star. Seems like a move any smart business man would make. Especially a cheap one like Donald Sterling!

Now if the #1 pick of this draft ends up being a perennial All-Star, then the Clippers would’ve really dropped the ball for trying to be cheap instead of building up through the draft. Mo Williams is a good player but he’s a scorer not a distributor. Although this has been said to be one of the weakest draft classes of the decade, it’s still the #1 pick who could’ve been playing with Griffin, Gordon, Kaman, Aminu, & Jordan; a nice young core to build around.

Only time will tell if this trade will be viewed as no big deal or a continuation of a humiliating losing tradition.


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