Hey MissLady: Introducing MissLady’s Advice Column

19 May

I grew up in a family of athletes. That means that year round my four brothers and I played every sport we could; from tennis, to basketball, to football, shoot I even tried swimming once – that didn’t work out too well, so I stuck to sports on the field and the court lol. Today, my life consist of workouts out in the gym 3-4 days a week, pick up bball games on the court, and watching ESPN just about everyday. Oh and Fridays nights? Well, that’s poker night! Depending on how I feel, some Saturday nights turn into poker night too. My drink of choice use to be vodka in college, but nowadays it’s crown and coke. Is it just me? Or does crown and coke and wings makes any football game 10 times more enjoyable!


So my life is nothing out of the ordinary for the average guy, right? Right! The only problem is I’m not the average guy, I’m the lady most of you sport fanatics want to marry. Perfect example: my boyfriend says all the time, “this is such role reversal,” followed by me giving the Kanye shrug and a smirk. Just last week my boyfriend and I made plans to go to the movies, but when the day finally came I remembered the NBA playoffs were on and asked him if we could reschedule our movie date. Hey that’s the kind of lady I am lol. I don’t like to cuddle all night, 10-15 mins is all I need, I love motorcycles, I hate shopping, love debating about sports and before the adult life and job kicked in full time I was a Playstation madden junkie ( And I’m talking all the playstations, from 1-3!).

You can email miss lady @ misslady.rjp@gmail.com for advice or to hear her perspective on situations or sports current events.

On the flip side of it all, I am still a lady. Long soft hair, heels, pedicures – the usual. I don’t waste money on manicures since I still hoop every week.

So how can you benefit from all of this? It’s simple. Email me with any questions, and if I don’t think your question is completely stupid I’ll email you back and let you know when you can look for your answer on the site. Whether you get excited to hear a woman talk trash about sports or you just need a woman’s perspective on how you can keep your girl happy and catch all the NBA playoff games, just email me, I got you!

Ladies, this is also open to you. I know you find it difficult to get your man’s full attention during the game or during Black Ops on PS3 or Xbox. Email me! I can help you as well.

You can email your questions to MissLady @misslady.rjp@gmail.com

My first challenge:

Dear Ms. Lady,

How can I get my girl to leave me the hell alone during NASCAR? She understands that this is my favorite race weekend of the year, yet she tries to make plans to go on a group outing with HER friends or some other crap that I ain’t interested in. When I say no, she says I’m a juice head for picking sports over her. Tell me what to do please!

-Brandon T.

My first victim, I mean friend. Well Brandon, you and about a million other guys are going through the same thing. Some women need just about all of their guy’s time/attention to feel loved. Some women need to feel like your top priority to feel love, hell some need all the above and more! This is how you fix it. First sit her down and look her in the eye and COMMUNICATE, yes communicate, to her how you feel. You get double brownie points for this, A) you get to let her know how you actually feel about the situation and B) she will be ecstatic about you initiating a real “talk”. This is what you say, “sweetie, muffin, honey-bump, we need to talk.” Like I, said look her in the eye so she knows you are serious. Start with how much you love her (or “like” if you just started dating) and spending time with her, but you also need some time to yourself. Tell her, “just like you need time to go to the hair salon, spa and other time you spend away from me, I need the same. It does not mean I don’t love you, because I do, very much!” End it all with a small smile and listen to whatever she has to say. Then take her out, whether it be a movie, dinner, ice cream or a walk around the block to talk more. So this means you need to schedule this talk on a night NASCAR or whatever you prefer to watch is not showing.

Talking is done, now here is what you need to do. Say today is Monday and NASCAR is this coming up Saturday and Sunday. You need to spend time with her earlier in the week so she won’t feel deprived of your time. So that means you have Monday-Friday night to make something happen with her. If your girl can’t go out during the week, then get up early have breakfast with her or even show up at her job with lunch for the 2 of you. If you do this Friday (add Thursday also if you girl is extra needy) then she will still be on high throughout the weekend, giving you all the time you need for NASCAR. Then make plans to have a great weekend the following weekend. Let me know how this works out Brandon.



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