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Copa America 2011 Preview

30 Jun

07/01 - 07/24

By Brandon Moore-Rhodes

Copa America 2011 Preview

July 1st marks the start of 2011’s edition of the Copa America, hosted by Argentina. The tournament is set to run through July 24th; being contested by the 10 CONMEBOL (South America) member associations plus 2 invitees.Argentina andUruguay are the most successful nations, in the competition, with 14 wins each. Brasil are the current champions, having won 8 CopaAmerica titles.Mexico andCosta Rica (Japan withdrew) are the 2 nations invited for this years tourney. Because of regulation proposed by UEFA regarding teams taking part in tournaments not organized by their confederation,Costa Rica andMexico are only allowed to field a (weakened) team of players from their U-23 Olympic squads, supplemented by 5 other players. The winner of this tournament will go on to represent their confederation at the Confederation’s Cup in 2013 in Brazil.

There are quite a few super-talents that will be on display during the Copa America. You can find a list of all squads here.
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Lamar Odom to be Traded?!?

27 Jun


Should the Hawks Trade Josh Smith?

23 Jun

By Karim Dixon

Rumors have begun to surface about the Hawks gaging interest in Josh Smith around the league.

This raises the question should the Hawks even be thinking about moving him. I say maybe… if the price is right.

Josh Smith has improved a great deal since his early days of jacking head scratching threes. He’s extremely veristale and will fill up the stat sheet in almost every category for offense and defence. However I get the sense that he’s a bit under apreciated in Atlanta.

With Smith it’s not a matter of talent but one of fit. Al Horford would much rather play his natural position of power forward but you can only get away with playing Jason Collins at center for so long (just ask Jason Kidd and the Nets.) If Josh Smith is traded a center has to be included in the return package. There in lies the problem as there are very few teams with extra centers laying around.

The best fit for this team may be a player like Chris Kaman, however with Blake Griffin the Clippers have no need for Smith. They would need a 3 team deal to get a deal like that done. The Hawks are set at most positions and any trade that doesn’t involved getting a center will most likely create more gaps in the line up. If no centers are  available I would hold on to Smith.

Random Thought #036: Teams Most Likely to Trade on Draft Day

22 Jun

By Chris McCoy

I’m no rocket scientist, but I can put two and two together.

When a team doesn’t workout any or many players prior to the draft, they’re highly likely to trade picks, players and cash… or draft a Euro. If you’re wondering who your team has worked out prior to this year’s draft, >>this<< would be a great place to start.

Often those lack of workouts, coupled with trade rumors floating around the league can give you a great idea of who may be looking to make some moves this summer. For instance, Orlando HASN’T WORKED OUT ANYONE. Yeah that right, not a soul. It’s clear that Orlando’s GM Otis Smith needs to make some moves this offseason to keep Dwight Howard happy, so their lack of desire to fill out roster spots right now isn’t surprising at all.

A couple other teams to look out for making trades this draft are the Clippers, Hornets, Hawks, and Mavs.

The Clippers have been involved in trade rumors for Iguodala, and have a vital need for a starting small foward. They only worked out FIVE players before the draft. Are they looking to trade for a small forward come draft day?

The Hornets have also been involved in some trade rumors, and apparently squashed a Westbrook for CP3 proposal. They need to make some type of moves to keep Paul there though. While the team did make the playoffs this year, they definitely surprised us all after their 12-3 start that led to a playoff birth. Paul’s $17.78M salary for the 2012-13 season is a player option, so in reality he could become a free agent after this year. I doubt the Hornets trade Paul during this year’s draft, but having also worked out no one prior to the draft, don’t be surprised if they make another move or two, to position themselves as championship contenders instead of also rans.
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Steve Nash to the Knicks???

22 Jun


Right Time For Rubio

21 Jun

By RJP Staff

Two long years. After two long years, Ricky Rubio is finally a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Timberwolves fans know all about that wait, as they’ve been dealing with speculation that Rubio didn’t want to play there since draft night of 2009, when Rubio was picked by the T-Wolves with the fifth overall pick. The front office has done their best to make sure Rubio felt comfortable with the transition, though, and their efforts paid off when they introduced him Tuesday.

“I was so comfortable over there, but Minnesota makes me feel comfortable too,” Rubio said. “(The Timberwolves) supported me, they were happy about my things, my winnings, in Barcelona, and I was like, oh, they want me over there. I feel that love over there. I want to give back that love.” Rubio also gave the front office high praise noting, “It giving me confidence to play over here, play for them. It helped me a lot. I’m so glad those guys are working over here with the Timberwolves because they are really good (people) and I felt like I’m at home.”

I’m glad someone can say that because I don’t even know if I’d feel at home in Minneapolis…. (looks left, looks right… “Where all the black people at?” LOL).
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Stat of the Night: Isner v. Mahut Round 1 Recap

21 Jun

With the marathon match that occured during their first round Wimbledon match last year, many will undoubtedly tune in this year. We predict a much shorter game. How crazy was last year’s contest? Check the numbers below: