Right Time For Rubio

21 Jun

By RJP Staff

Two long years. After two long years, Ricky Rubio is finally a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Timberwolves fans know all about that wait, as they’ve been dealing with speculation that Rubio didn’t want to play there since draft night of 2009, when Rubio was picked by the T-Wolves with the fifth overall pick. The front office has done their best to make sure Rubio felt comfortable with the transition, though, and their efforts paid off when they introduced him Tuesday.

“I was so comfortable over there, but Minnesota makes me feel comfortable too,” Rubio said. “(The Timberwolves) supported me, they were happy about my things, my winnings, in Barcelona, and I was like, oh, they want me over there. I feel that love over there. I want to give back that love.” Rubio also gave the front office high praise noting, “It giving me confidence to play over here, play for them. It helped me a lot. I’m so glad those guys are working over here with the Timberwolves because they are really good (people) and I felt like I’m at home.”

I’m glad someone can say that because I don’t even know if I’d feel at home in Minneapolis…. (looks left, looks right… “Where all the black people at?” LOL).

Minnesota GM David Kahn knew how important the transition would be for Rubio, and made sure they made that a focal point in their “recruiting” pitch, saying, “I think that it is important to develop relationships and to demonstrate not only to him but to his entire family how important we felt he could be to us and how much we believed in him even back then in terms of his future as an NBA player.”

Hopefully Rubio’s not all hype. The Euro game is a different game than the NBA, but his numbers have not been impressive. In just under 23 mins a game, Rubio averaged 6.5 points 3.2 rebounds 3.5 assists and 1.8 turnovers last season.

“Sometimes the stats don’t say how good are you,” Rubio said. “Or maybe opposite thing, if you make a lot of stats but your team losing, that doesn’t (matter). The goal of this sport is team wins. It’s not an individual sport. If I wanted to play individual, I’m going to play tennis or something like that. But it’s a team.”

Ricky definitely seems to be more worried about winning, which Minnesota has not been doing much of lately – they’re 32-132 in the last two seasons under Kurt Rambis – which is undoubtedly the reason Rubio want to talk to Kahn about who the coach will be next year.

Even in the cellar of the Northwest Division, where they’ll undoubtedly be for awhile with OKC, Portland, Denver and Utah perennial playoff contenders, Rubio should help make the T-Wolves more exciting to watch with his style, flair, and flashy passes. He’s a pass first point guard, which should definitely make Kevin Love and Beasley (if he’s still there) happy men.

When asked why he prefers to pass first instead of score, Rubio quoted Lakers Hall of Famer Magic Johnson: “One of the best sentences ever was Magic Johnson say a basket make one guy happy, an assist two guys happy.”

Not a bad move coming into the league quoting Magic… he’s off on the right foot! Check out some highlights of Double R below.

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One Response to “Right Time For Rubio”

  1. 'Chris Runjumppass McCoy' June 21, 2011 at 8:23 PM #

    Hopefully he’s not all flash and comes over and balls out #pause … SN: wtf is up w/David Kahn and PGs… dudes talking bout drafting Irving if the Cavs go with D.Williams … smh

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