Should the Hawks Trade Josh Smith?

23 Jun

By Karim Dixon

Rumors have begun to surface about the Hawks gaging interest in Josh Smith around the league.

This raises the question should the Hawks even be thinking about moving him. I say maybe… if the price is right.

Josh Smith has improved a great deal since his early days of jacking head scratching threes. He’s extremely veristale and will fill up the stat sheet in almost every category for offense and defence. However I get the sense that he’s a bit under apreciated in Atlanta.

With Smith it’s not a matter of talent but one of fit. Al Horford would much rather play his natural position of power forward but you can only get away with playing Jason Collins at center for so long (just ask Jason Kidd and the Nets.) If Josh Smith is traded a center has to be included in the return package. There in lies the problem as there are very few teams with extra centers laying around.

The best fit for this team may be a player like Chris Kaman, however with Blake Griffin the Clippers have no need for Smith. They would need a 3 team deal to get a deal like that done. The Hawks are set at most positions and any trade that doesn’t involved getting a center will most likely create more gaps in the line up. If no centers are  available I would hold on to Smith.


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