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Mozgov Headed Back to Russia

25 Jul

Timofey Mozgov getting yammed on by Rookie of the Year Blake the Great in a contest in LA.

By RJP Staff

Nuggets C Timofey Mozgov, better known as the guy from the Blake the Great poster, is going back home to Russia during the lockout.

He’s signed to play with BC Khimki, the team he played for for four years before joining the Knicks.

Mozgov on returning to play for BC Khimki:

“I am glad that everything turned out perfectly. I grew up as a player in Khimki and spent great days in here. I have a lot of friends in the team and the adaptation period to the team will not be a problem,” Mozgov said. “Khimki is my second home and we quickly reached an agreement. I hope I can help the team in the upcoming season.”

Mozgov averaged 3.6 points and 2.7 rebounds and 11.6 minutes in 45 games of action last year (34 for the Knicks and 11 for the Nuggets).

Chris Quinn, who played for the Spurs last season has also signed on to play for the club.


Random Thought #037: Football’s Back!

25 Jul

DeMaurice Smith and Roger Goodell announcing that Football's back!

By Greg Bing

Football’s back! Football’s back!

Running round the job screaming that football’s back (In my lil Wayne voice)!

Yes, that’s right we are set to have the announcement today.  This is a joyous time as we have been forced to watch women’s soccer, golf, tennis, and others to feed the hunger that only football can fill.  Football fans are carnivores.  Don’t feed us grass or carrots or bread, throw out the beef and chicken and allow us to feed.  This going to be one hell of a year!  Rookies will not have as strong as an impact this year as they have not been able to focus on team chemistry.  We will not see strong impacts until this winter.  This makes for good football.

This is going to be a great season and the lockout has done nothing but build suspense for it.

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Nigel Sylvester’s “Inside the Edge” Gatorade Promo

25 Jul

Lockout over!

25 Jul


Stevie Franchise Accused of Sexual Assault

24 Jul

By RJP Staff

Former Rookie of the year and 3-Time NBA All-Star, Steve Francis aka Stevie Franchise, is being accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Texas last year.

The alleged victim, Shauna Simien, a singer once signed to Franchise’s record label, claims in the police report that Steve groped her through her clothes in May of last year.

She immediately filed a complaint with the police, yet the case is still open and no charges have been filed.

Simien says she met with Steve that day to discuss her contract, but clearly felt a little unsafe as she brought some friends with her for protection. Simien says that the alleged groping occurred outside of that building. The two were talking outside, when Steve “reached down and grabbed her between the legs”.

Simien claims she screamed for him to stop, and that’s when her friends rushed to break things up. Francis, who played for the Beijing Ducks last season, where he didn’t really contribute (0.5 points and 0.7 rebounds in 3 mins/game) in the four games he played before quitting, was unavailable for comment.

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Arian Foster Become the First Player to Sign the New CBA!

23 Jul

By Chris McCoy

Arian Foster‘s trainer told me to watch out for him before last season; told me he was hungry, training hard, and was going to do big things in 2010. I listened, drafted him in almost all my fantasy leagues (got beat to the punch in one), and destroyed the competition after he led the NFL in rushing.

I haven’t talked to his trainer during the lockout, but from the looks of this picture, he’s still hungry, ready to get back to work, and has a great since of humor.


MVP Candidate Jose Reyes’ Rap Video

22 Jul

MVP Candidate, and free agent to be Jose Reyes is a “five tool” player. This summer he’s decided to showcase his sixth tool… Rap. Jose Reyes spits the first verse on No Hay Amigo or There Are No Friends, with a little autotune, and holds it down. Along with Reyes, No Hay Amigo also features Voltio, Vakero, Poeta Callejero & Big Mato, and is produced by SPKilla. Tell us what you think of the song as a whole AND Reyes’ verse.

Check the lyrics below the video to follow along with Reyes.

Reyes’ Verse in English:
There are no friends, a friend is a dollar in my pocket, as soon as you turn your back your friends want to stab you in the back, the truth is a real friend is a glass full of water in the desert to quench your thirst, see what I’m saying, there are many fake friends that dream of having what you have, I can tell you’re a bad friend, I can see it in your face that you want to be my friend just so I can give you, where were you when I use to practice without any food to eat or when I use to spend a week with the same T-shirt, there are no friends, friends are my mother and my father, the ones who struggled with me to make me who I am.