C’mon Son! Pacman Jones Arrested Again!

10 Jul

By RJP Staff

Damn not again Pacman!

Some dudes just never learn. Cincinnati Bengals CB Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested again late Saturday night for disorderly conduct at a bar.

According to WKRC-TV he was also intoxicated and resisted arrest.

Just this past February, Jones finally put his last case – the 2007 strip club incident – behind him, receiving a suspended sentence, probation, 200 hours of community service, anger management, and random drug testing.

Players will still be held accountable for their actions during the lockout; NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has let that be known. So will this end Pacman’s career? After that strip club incident, Jones was suspended for the 2007 season, and released by the Cowboys after the 2008 season. After not playing in 2009, Jones was picked up by the Bengals in May of 2010. Many saw this as his shot as redemption, others saw it as a last chance.

After the latest incident what will come of Jones? We’ll have to wait and see… As far as the incident is concerned, Jones had to be physically restrained by two officers to get him under arrest, according to that WKRC-TV report. That report also claims that while attempting to handcuff Jones, he tightened his arms and pulled away. The police report states that Pacman was asked several times inside the bar to calm down and exit the premises, yet he continued to shout profanities and wave his arms violently.

Jones will be arraigned on the charges Monday, and may be out of a job once the dust settles from the NFL lockout.


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