Stevie Franchise Accused of Sexual Assault

24 Jul

By RJP Staff

Former Rookie of the year and 3-Time NBA All-Star, Steve Francis aka Stevie Franchise, is being accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Texas last year.

The alleged victim, Shauna Simien, a singer once signed to Franchise’s record label, claims in the police report that Steve groped her through her clothes in May of last year.

She immediately filed a complaint with the police, yet the case is still open and no charges have been filed.

Simien says she met with Steve that day to discuss her contract, but clearly felt a little unsafe as she brought some friends with her for protection. Simien says that the alleged groping occurred outside of that building. The two were talking outside, when Steve “reached down and grabbed her between the legs”.

Simien claims she screamed for him to stop, and that’s when her friends rushed to break things up. Francis, who played for the Beijing Ducks last season, where he didn’t really contribute (0.5 points and 0.7 rebounds in 3 mins/game) in the four games he played before quitting, was unavailable for comment.

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