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Superman The Clown

31 Aug

By RJP Staff

WARNING: If you’re afraid of clowns don’t watch this next video.

Dwight Howard attending Adidas Crazy Light Challenge at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, Japan yesterday wearing a clown wig. He was watching some unimpressive Japanese ballers attempt to throw down for the crowd. After having enough of their weak dunks, he decided to join in on the action. Check out his off the backboard clown cockback below.


For The First Time Ever Every Olympic Event To Be Broadcast Live

31 Aug

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NEW YORK — NBC’s Olympic coverage in London will look very familiar, with one major twist.

For the first time, the network plans to show every event live in some form – even if it’s just raw video streaming online. But the prime-time broadcasts will still use that traditional formula of human-interest features and taped competition.

The man behind that coverage will be someone steeped in the NBC philosophy of packaging the Olympics for a wide audience. NBC announced Tuesday that “Today” executive producer Jim Bell would serve in that role for the 2012 Games.

He fills the spot held by Dick Ebersol, who resigned as chair of NBC Sports Group in May. Earlier in his career, Bell was coordinating producer for NBC Olympics under Ebersol.

“That’s what our approach on the Olympics has been and what it will continue to be,” said Mark Lazarus, who replaced Ebersol atop NBC Sports Group. “Having Jim do that for the Olympics assures we’ll have that sensibility.”

Except the prime-time programming bearing that sensibility will no longer be the first opportunity viewers have to watch who wins the gold. Ebersol was adamant even as he left NBC that showing events live during the day would hurt overall ratings.

But to Lazarus, the sports fan of today demands immediacy – and that doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive to highly stylized broadcasts aired when people are most likely to be sitting in front of the TV.
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Chandler’s Gamble

31 Aug

Wilson averaged 12.5 pts 5 rebs and 1.6 asts per game for the Nuggets in less playing time after being traded from New York in the Carmelo deal.

By Chris McCoy

All signs are pointing to a lengthy NBA Lockout.

The owners and players are incredibly far apart on a deal, and as the clock continues to tick away, an 82 game 2011-12 season is starting to become more of a dream than a reality.

CHEW ON THIS: not only did the NBA lockout go far enough into the off season in ’98 to cause a shortened 1999 season, but four NBA owners are also NHL owners as well – i.e. they’ve got a lot of dough and are loud voices in the room – and the NHL locked out for an entire season and got exactly what they wanted. Can somebody say case study? 22 of the 30 teams are already claiming to be losing money anyways, why not sit out the season entirely and lose less money than you would if games were played?

With the season in jeopardy, we are beginning to see many players signing overseas deals; most are back ups like Rasual Butler (Bulls), Patty Mills (Blazers), Von Wafer (Celtics) and Nicolas Batum (Blazers). Deron Williams is a certified superstar though, and while Williams signing in Turkey has created more buzz about star players signing abroad, it seems that most of them are weighing their options while waiting it out to see what happens between now and October 9th – when training camp is set to start.

A determinant of stars signing abroad is the necessity for an opt out clause, which would allow currently signed players, playing abroad to return to the NBA once/if the season resumes. For free agents, both restricted and unrestricted, signing a contract with a team overseas doesn’t have to necessarily include an opt out clause, but if there isn’t one, that player will basically forfeit playing in the NBA next season, as they will be obligated to stay regardless of what happens in the NBA labor talks.

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How Boise State Wins It All This Year

28 Aug

Boise State QB Kellen Moore finished 4th in Heisman voting last year and is one of the front runners this year.

By Chris McCoy

America loves the underdog.

It’s the embodiment of the American dream – seeing the little guy make it from nothing to something; defy all odds to come out the victor. We even love to bet on them and make a large capital gain – in our capitalistic society it’s only right, right?

Well in this case, the underdog is the winningest program in the Football Bowl Subdivision (I-A) over the last ten years. Boise State is 114-16 since moving to the WAC in 2001, including two BCS Bowl wins, four undefeated regular seasons (two that included bowl losses), and only three with three or more losses: 2007 (10-3), 2005 (9-4), and their first season in the WAC, 2001 (8-4).

From the outside looking in one might wonder how on earth the Broncos are underdogs. Inferior competition. The competition in the WAC in no way compares to that of the SEC, Pac-12 or even the Big East for that matter. If Boise State played #4 LSU, #20 Mississippi State, and defending champion – #19 Auburn in the course of a month, as title contender Alabama does in November, would they still enter the bowl season unscathed? We all know that Boise State can play with anyone – just ask Oklahoma, Oregon, Oregon State… and yes even my Hokies, but could they beat all four of those teams in a row? How about in a season?
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LeBron Makes Fun of Himself

24 Aug

LeBron apparently woke up this morning in a good mood; making a joke about his infamous hairline.


LeBron Afraid of Heights?

24 Aug

By RJP Staff

Is LeBron afraid of heights? It’d seem that way from the video evidence. In the video below, LeBron hesitates for about three minutes before jumping off this high dive in Barcelona. Who knows how long he was up there before someone decided to press record.

Even with the crowd encouraging him with chants of “jump, jump, jump”, LeBron does not jump.  He finally decides to jump off the dive after they send someone up there to jump off the dive to show him how easy it was, and after being prompted by Gotta Have It by Jay-Z and Kanye which calls out LeBron by name.

Download Gotta Have It by Jay-Z and Kanye West


Melo and Bosh To Appear on Law & Order SVU

23 Aug

By RJP Staff

According to NBC, Knicks SF Carmelo Anthony and Heat PF Chris Bosh will have cameos in an upcoming episode of Law & Order Special Victims Unit. The two NBA stars will play themselves in an episode titled “Personal Fouls”, to air September 28th at 10PM ET/PT on NBC.

In the episode, Dan Lauria (“The Wonder Years,” “Lombardi” on Broadway) plays a youth basketball coach who is suspected to be a sexual preditor. Mehcad Brooks of True Blood fame plays Prince Miller, a fictional basketball superstar who was once one of the coach’s prodigies. Rapper/actor Heavy D plays Supreme, Miller’s cousin and business manager.

Anthony and Bosh will appear in the opening scene and episode climax. Make sure you check them out.