Kobe Injures Man’s Wrist in Incident?

16 Aug

Didn't I say no pictures?!?

By RJP Staff

Apparently Kobe hates the paparazzi as much as the rest of Hollywood. According to ESPN, the San Diego Police Department is investigating an incident surrounding Bryant that allegedly occurred this past Sunday. Charges have not yet been filed, though.

While Bryant was attending a Sunday service at Carmel Valley Church in San Diego, police say Bryant thought a man was taking pictures of him with a cell phone. Bryant allegedly grabbed the phone from the man, but he saw no pictures, and abruptly left the church.

If Kobe snatched something out of your hand what would you do? Go to the hospital and get your wrist checked? Well that’s exactly what that man did, claiming his wrist was injured in the incident. Did somebody saw lawsuit?

“Something occurred,” a San Diego police department spokesman told ESPN, “and (Bryant) was involved. The investigation is ongoing. We’re following up on the allegations and trying to sort it out.”

On Tuesday, Police spokesman Detective Gary Hassen told The Associated Press that detectives won’t be able to interview the alleged victim til August 24th… Stay tuned.


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