Durant Holding Maryland Down With His Newest Tat

9 Sep

By RJP Staff

We weren’t the only ones surprised to find out that KD’s tatted up!  And if you haven’t seen Durant’s chest and stomach artwork make sure you check out “Surprisingly Kevin Durant’s Tatted Up!” 

Until now though, they’ve all been out of view when he’s uniformed. Check out his new back tattoos. The shading on the far left and far right of these tats should be slightly visible when he’s making basketball moves.

Kevin Durant's back tattoos

KD holding it down for PG County, MD

Durant, who reps the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) and already has the DC W of the Washington Nationals on his stomach, is putting on for his state with one of his newest tats. It’s not the flag like the Terrapins’ uniforms, but still goes hard. Below the Maryland tattoo is one dedicated to his childhood mentor and AAU coach, Charles Craig, who was murdered at age 35. The tat features an angel inside the number 35. To date, Durant continues to wear the number 35 in tribute to Craig.

Kevin Durant

Durant with his tattoo artist


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