Random Thought #039: Kansas City Chiefs, Hot Ghetto Mess

18 Sep

Charlie Murphy as the host of Hot Ghetto Mess/We've Got To Do Better

By Chris McCoy

The Chiefs are definitely looking like a hot ghetto mess this year. They’ve been outscored 89-10 in the first two weeks of the season by two teams (Lions and Bills) that won a combined 10 games last season. While both teams are 2-0 and clearly much improved, Chiefs fans have got to be scratching their heads about how an 11-5 division champion in 2010, could be the team that wins the Andrew Luck sweepstakes in 2012. They could definitely use Luck, because Matt Cassel SUCKS. He sucked last year, but at least they were winning, so we shrugged it off. It’s a harder pill to swallow when your offense is as inept as the Chiefs’ has been this season. Through two games they’re averaging 235 yards of total offense a game, and Cassel has passed for a total of 252 yards combined in those two games. At this rate he’ll catch up to Cam Newton’s two game total of 854 in week 8 (Week 6 = their bye week). Hopefully Cassel and the Chiefs will wake up and start to compete, for now all I can do is quote Charlie Murphy, “We got to do better”… and as in we I mean they LOL.


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