Kobe Offered $600,000 A Game By An Italian Club

21 Sep

Bryant and daughter with Derek Fisher, the newest members of the Five Rings Club

By Chris McCoy

If I offered you $600,000 for a days work, would you take it?

Depends on what you have to do eh? Well how about for shooting a little hoops? Oh and that 600K… is AFTER taxes.

Still down? Yeah I bet you are. Well according to Italian site bolognabasket.it., the owner of the Italian club Virtus Bologna has offered Kobe Bryant US $800,000 (S $1.01 Million) a game for three home games, which equates to about $600,000 net after taxes.

For those of you wondering, Kobe is slated to receive $25.2M from the Lakers next season, or about $308K a game BEFORE taxes. After taxes Kobe should take home about $13.1M or about $160,000 a game. So that $600K is about 275% MORE than he nets in a regular season NBA game.

In a press conference yesterday, Claudio Sabatini, the club’s owner, said that the offer is only for the games through November 13th, but it seems that’s his way to get Bryant in the door. It’s a brilliant move, Kobe’s reported salary demands are $1M a month, the schedule shows that the first of these home games is October 16th, so in just under a month Kobe will net $1.8 million if he accepts this offer, or 80% more than his reported asking price.

Sabatini had previously stated that his club was pursuing Bryant, but was unwilling to disclose a dollar amount at that time, and with Kobe trying to keep his options open, there was no urgency to do so. Yet with the season opener just 18 days away (an away game versus Roman team Lottomatica Virtus Roma), making noise in the media may be the most effective way to lure Bryant, with American fans and media sure to ask him about the offer repeatedly over the next few weeks.

As far as those three away games are concered, in the press conference Sabatini mentioned that they are currently looking into insurance to protect Bryant’s remaining NBA contract in the event of an injury. “I am studying a new solution to pay his insurance game-by-game,” he said. “When we play away, if our opponent is not willing to share the (cost for) the game, I won’t pay the insurance for the player and I will keep him in Bologna.”

The ambitious Sabatini is also eying Spurs guard Manu Ginobili. Oh, and if you happen to speak Italian I won’t cheat you out of listening to the press conference for yourself, check it out below.

[audio http://www.bolognabasket.it/audio/sabatinisukobe.mp3]


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